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  1. base camp?

    hmm ill have to look into that as well thank you southern man. and Lore i will have to hit you up.
  2. base camp?

    Thank you! I am looking at the dayz map now. i'm thinking north of cherno at Nadezhdino.
  3. base camp?

    Where would my fellow gamers suggest a place to start base camp for a zombie relief station? any and all suggestions taken into consideration.
  4. Hello

    Hows everyone's day going so far today! I just hope everyone stays cool. and dont party to hard this 4th of july
  5. Hello, My name is Matthew Smithison; however you may call me Matt. I have been sent over from America to investigate the current outbreak in the chernarus which is causing a zombie like action in other people. I am quite friendly and will help out anyone who is need to the best of my abilities. i will side with any faction who will allow me to work freely. Looking forward to meeting with you all. ~Matthew Smithison. Feel free to give your opinion on the future of Matthew Smithison.