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  1. Nikola Sovoboda

    Born into a small working class family in Chernarus Nikola joined a bunch of right wing groups during the last years of the soviet union. Nikola joined the CDF a couple of years before the out break as a support Infantry. Nikola hated communists so much due to the fact that his family suffered a lot under the Soviet control his three year old sister died due to malnutrition, as there was an extreme shortage of supplies to the region and his parents, were both highly codified but were paid bear minimum wage that bearly lasts the week for basic human rights.
  2. Desolation Redux Release

    the ping is a bit too low so us Aussies can't join without being kicked every 10 mins
  3. DayZRP Community Memes

    I know bratr
  4. Gregparsnypposting

    nice thread
  5. Back!

    Welcome back tank man!!!
  6. [LIF] mic not working

    yeah, everything is set properly it is just LIF is where it is messed up
  7. [LIF] mic not working

    When I push to talk it comes up with the mic symbol but everyone I RP with can't hear me.
  8. T-shirt design contest

    a t-shirt in the memory of the DDoS attack days
  9. [Heavy WIP] ZBOR Propaganda Megathread

    it's 10/10 amazing work giraffel
  10. Goodluck Major, it's good to see this baby back on track.
  11. Strangest Videos On the Internet

  12. The Game

    god damn it Terra
  13. I love the details you added to my characters back story Good job, keep it up
  14. Islamic extremist group

    There is no such thing as "offensive" That word is just another string that the puppeteers use to control society... dude, we are discussing extremist groups not conspiracy theories I agree with jet 100% about why those groups aren't allowed while this is. Even though these types of groups have been rejected so many times in the past.