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  1. Earl Gilbert

    Gil was originally born in Chernarus, however his American father, David took his Chernarussian wife, Ivetka back to the US where they would raise their son in a small town along the Mississippi river. Gil developed a fascination with cars and how they worked. His father owned quite a collection and Gil was always eager to help him in the garage, that is if he didn't beat him in a drunken rage. His father became an alcoholic and would occasionally take his frustration out on his wife and sometimes even Gil if he was caught playing in the garage without his permission. Unfortunately Ivetka and David's marriage came to an end as she moved back to Chernarus with her family. Gil would occasionally travel to visit her as often as he could. However, living alone with his father soon began to influence his personality. It's unclear whether Gil has some sort of mental disability, but to everyone he's been around they've always known him as an "odd ball". He developed an odd obsession of playing with spider webs and would occasionally be seen taking random things apart and putting them back together. He is incredibly socially awkward and comes across as extremely rude at times, but his intentions are usually friendly. His way of speaking leads to allegations of him being drunk all the time he tends to slur a lot of his words, however, his father is a living lesson to him of how to handle alcohol responsibly and rarely ever drinks. As he entered his 20's he began to help his dad in a family run Auto-repair shop until his father was arrested after murdering a police officer in a drunken high speed chase. Gil then ran away to Chernarus to live with his mother in Chernogorsk where he was in the process of opening up his own auto-repair shop. Unfortunately Gil, never got the chance to do so due to the outbreak. His mother became infected and is still haunted to this day of the moment he was forced to kill his own mother. Now he roams desolate country side of Chernarus fixing and repairing random vehicles that he comes across, as he feels it is the only thing left to do in this new world.
  2. Theodore Monroe

    Professor Monroe worked full time as a History Professor at Louisiana State University. He had dreams of traveling the world and seeing the many landmarks that defined human history. He desperately wished to discover something no one else had and become a famous historian, however, he soon realized that such a lifestyle is in no way prosperous and so he spent the better part of 20 years at the University hoping to spark the same inspirational flame he had for history in the eyes of the younger generations. Unfortunately, not many of his students shared his passion and simply took his class in order to mark another credit they needed to graduate. However, in fall semester of 2005, one of his students decided to change their major History and became inspired by The Professor's lectures that he put his heart and soul into. Her name was Melania Lesnitsky, a transfer student from Chernarus, and after she graduated in 2010, she returned to her home country and discovered that not much was known about the castles in South Zagoria. She was eager to learn more, but wished for the Professor accompany her so that they may publish their findings together. In April of 2015, Professor Monroe was contacted by Melania and given a tip off about the Castles and that he should come visit whenever he can. She put him in contact with a man who claims to be a self-employed "Tour Guide", this man's name was Pavel Petrov and they arranged a deal to help Theodore and Melania in their research. Every summer Theodore would make an effort to visit them in Chernarus, Pavel and Theodore became good friends. Unfortunately in June of 2017 Melania went missing without a trace. The only explanation that Theodore got from Chernarussian authorities was that it is possible she may have been kidnapped by separatists in the North of South Zagoria and that there was little they could do. Nevertheless Pavel and Theodore continued with their research, but were unable to make substantial progress. When the chaos of the outbreak began Pavel and Theodore were escorted by CDF troops to a safe zone outside of South Zagoria. When the safe zone got overrun they were separated in the chaos.
  3. Shout out to John Bulavard and his crew for the great RP in Vybor. RIP Khan
  4. Comedy Style Characters

    Throughout my time of playing DayZRP I have seen a number of people RP as characters based around a comedic personality. I'm asking this because I plan on making a new character who's suppose to be a crazy old man. His name is Joseph Bekowski and he believes the infection was started by aliens and constantly rambles on about how they are going to return and harvest all of the immune humans. Is this too far into the territory of "TrollRP"? I just wanna make sure because I don't want to go overboard and end up getting banned. Just wanting to try something new is all.
  5. What We Can Do

    Jesus tap dancing Christ on a unicycle! I leave the community for a few months and come back to this shit?! I planned on coming back with a new character and everything, but after seeing this, I'm starting to think twice. This is literally the biggest clusterfuck I have ever seen in a gaming community in my entire life!
  6. *A whining noise followed by intense static is heard. Liam can be heard panicing and running, firing shots as the radio cuts in and out. For a while the radio is completely static, until finally his voice can be heard clearly* [mp3]http://puu.sh/pxwU2/ca19dd2cd9.mp3[/mp3]
  7. To be honest, it seems like you've put in a lot of effort into this group idea, however, I'm kind of on the fence about it. I say give it a chance, I'm not going to judge based on a thread. I'd much rather formulate my opinion based on the RP that is provided. Right now however, I think two military style groups is enough. We already have the Legion and Zbor fighting each other. Having a US Military group in the area I feel would only make things a lot worse, but hey what do I know? I'm not the one who had the balls to even suggest a group like this and for that I gotta give the guy props.
  8. So I was heading towards Kabinino and I happened to run into this MONSTROUSITY! [video=youtube] Have a video of any funny glitches you may have encountered in game? Post it here, let's see 'em!
  9. Before I Leave.... [Hope's Friends & 'Family']

    *Liam sits at the dock, the pond sparkling in the glint of the moonlight. He holds the UN Beret in one hand and his radio in the other. He grips the beret tighter in his grasp, working up the courage to say what he's always wanted to say to her. He prayed that she would understand and not hate him for what he was about to say. He takes a deep breathe and pushes the PTT* [mp3]http://puu.sh/p7caH/a75ec684fe.mp3[/mp3]
  10. *Liam rests his AK against the tree, another boring day. His thoughts still going out to the woman in mourning. He wondered if she was still interested in his offer. He tunes into the frequency* "Excuse me miss, I don't know if you are still listening to this frequency, but if you're still listening my offer still stands. Would you happen to have a private frequency we could communicate on? You know, just you and me?" *He sits down resting his back against the tree, he figured he'd have a little snack while he awaited her response*
  11. *Liam jolts as he's startled by the woman's screaming. He takes a moment to pinch his brow, he couldn't stand to listen to her cries. It's as if he were listening to a recording of himself from yesterday. He wasn't sure what to say, but he could no longer bare to hear her misery. He did his best to hold back his tears as he answered her.* [mp3]http://puu.sh/p474f/7c9d3f9913.mp3[/mp3] *He sits up against the tree. Pondering over what he said. "Was I too harsh?" He wondered.
  12. *Liam lays on back staring blankly up in the sky conjuring up the courage to answer. He sighs, "I know how you feel lady." He mumbles to himself. After a long sigh he pushes the PTT and answers.* "Hey uuuumm.....listen.....I don't really know how to tell you this so.....I'll just say it, Lucky is dead." *He let's out a long sigh* "Look, I know how you must feel right now. I lost a good friend that day too, however, I feel like you deserve to know the truth about what happened. Unfortunately I do not wish to speak anymore of this over open coms. Perhaps maybe there is a private frequency we could communicate on. I'll give you more information as to what happened and I'll give you a location where we could meet. I suppose you will probably want to meet me face to face." *He ends the transmission and pulls out Lexa's music box. A single tear drips from his cheek, as he tightens his grip on the music box. He lies back on the ground thoughts swimming through his head*
  13. The Diary of Dr. Hope Pisces

    Aaaaaaaaaaand badass bitch mode /////[ACTIVATED]\\\\\
  14. The Diary of Dr. Hope Pisces

    Yes.....let the memes come forth! Let there be a great storm of Hope memes! MEEEEEEEEEEEMES
  15. The Life and Lies of that Russian Spy

    Ooooooooh Jesus, what the hell have I gotten myself into?