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  1. Flea


    Posted a new episode of the show. 👍


    1. JkpFrog


      The narrator host being ratted out by worked perfect. The lead up to "that... that definitely looks important over there..." and ensuing explosion made me cackle, though the music during was a bit loud during that part. 
      The sound effects, the nod to "Mr. Friendly" and the entire "I've always got something stuck up my ass" scene made me laugh. And the transition to Irish music was spot on. So many good moments in the newest update! Top notch 😄

  2. Flea

    You're listening to 101.7AM The Tide! (open freq)

    *The airwaves begin clear as a strange broadcast takes over, making itself heard all over South Zagoria and beyond* (You may need to adjust your volume throughout the broadcast)
  3. Flea

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Too bad our little militia didn't stand a chance in the siege All in all though, thanks to @JoffreyRP and his crew for the fight. Despite our failed counter attack, it was still fun. Tbh, I've been kinda itching for a little action.
  4. Flea

    1 year since the outbreak

    Yeah, but think about it, a time jump could have the possibility for opening up a new faction. How about..... THE TIME TERRORISTS! What if the infection was the result of time travelers going back in time and fucking with our timeline???? AND NOW THEY STRIKE AGAIN AND FAST FORWARD OUR TIMELINE 15 YEARS INTO THEY'RE TIMELINE WHERE EVERYTHING IS A BARON WASTELAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZOMBIES AND TIME TRAVEL MAN IT'S THE NEW THING! Gotta get with the times man!
  5. Flea


    For those who are following the radio show, here's a little sneak peek of what you can expect soon 😉


  6. Flea

    Music List from the Radio Show & SONG REQUESTS!

    For those who are curious about the names of the songs I used in the first episode of 101.7 The Tide, HERE YA' GO! (In order): - Mr. Radio - Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) - Play it Cool - Crobot - Proc - Ektor - To mena na 5 - Decko (Outro song): Meet me at Farhampton Station - Macross 82-99 I AM TAKING SONG REQUESTS - If you'd like to hear one of your favorite songs on the next episode, post it and link it here and I'll give a listen. - It is not guaranteed that your song will make it into the episode, it kind of depends on how many requests I get. - I simply want to know what kind of music the community generally likes the most so I can tailor content best suited for you guys. - If you have any general questions about the show itself, feel free to ask in this thread as well. (I honestly did not expect to receive the amount of likes the post got. THANKS GUY!)
  7. Flea

    You're listening to 101.7AM The Tide! (open freq)

    *The wave of intense static and white noise begins to fade as a strange broadcast begins to clear through the noise, making itself heard over all of South Zagoria and beyond* (You may need to adjust volume through out the broadcast) *The static and white noise begins to overwhelm the air waves once again as the broadcast comes to an end*
  8. Flea

    The Riptide Collective (IC Open Recruitment.)

    And so our numbers grow! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA!
  9. Flea

    Invalid demands. S1 Vyshnoye 12 35 AM

    Gil's POV: I was informed a few days ago that we had been tasked by @LouieRP to locate a man named Joey Thompson (@Ryan Carter) and deliver him to the Horsemen or else Tatiana would be killed. I had no IC knowledge that it was a bluff so I took this matter seriously. I had later heard from various people involved with the incident that Joey had been threatening certain individuals over the radio including a 13 year old child. My character, Gil, saw that as enough of a reason to find this man and hand him over if it meant sparing his friend's life. A couple of days later I join up with @Taryn, @-Chow-, @shipwreck117, @Geraldo Da Witchi, and @TehZombyBeard to go meetup with Joey. He follows us to the town and we instruct him to stand in the middle of the intersection and get on his knees whilst @-Chow- went to go fetch Hondo and Louie. They come over and shortly after a brief conversation Louie whacks Joey over the head with a baseball bat exclaiming that he had been talking shit and threatening his friends over the radio. Joey quickly recovers and his bleeding is treated, but shortly after he is taken away to a house sitting upon a hill top on the outskirts of town. I was instructed to stay behind and to not interfere. About 5 minutes go by and I start hearing gun shots up near the house where they had taken Joey. I had assumed they had shot him, but it looked like they were shooting infected so I wasn't entirely sure. I go up to the house to investigate and see that there is a commotion going on inside the house. I can hear laughter and comments of disappointment from people inside the house. At this point I had assumed that the torturing session was over and made my way back down to the town. ~ End of POV
  10. Flea

    The Riptide Collective Media Thread

    The Army of about 18 people we amassed at Altar, all armed to the teeth
  11. Flea

    "Everything's Boring"

    The main reason people give up isn't because they lose too many times, it's because every time they fought back against a big PVP group like Anarchy and managed to actually win a fight or two, the people they killed in the fight would just come back and not roleplay any injuries AT ALL. When I was with Riptide at the summer camp near Kamensk, the reason we set up that camp was to provide medical aide to people, especially Anarchy since we struck a deal with them. In the entire time we were there not ONE SINGLE Anarchy member ever RP'd coming to our camp and seeking medical attention after we literally witnessed them get smoked in Severograd or Stary Yar. And it's not just Anarchy either, but I'm using Anarchy because they are best example of this. I have literally witnessed members of Anarchy get gunned down then come back a few hours later into our camp to hang out like nothing happened. We hardly ever treated anyone from any hostile group because they didn't want to actually ROLEPLAY getting shot or at least just stay out of action for a couple of days to recover from their injuries. Allow me to put this into perspective. If my group, The Riptide Collective, were to have just one day said, "Hey, I don't like being Anarchy's bitch anymore. Let's kill 'em!" And we fought back and actually managed to kill them all, they would just come back the next day while some of our members would most likely be RP recovering from wounds from the fight and roleplay burning down our camp, when none of them would roleplay being injured from yesterdays firefight. This reason alone was the reason Riptide became one of Anarchy's main bitches because we knew the futility of actually fighting back. Sure we could do what they do and just log on the next day and prepare for the next fight, and then the next fight, and then the next fight, and then the NEXT fight, but at that point it isn't even RP it's a clan war because the main focus would be switched to PVP. Do you see what I mean? People don't fight back as hard as you have because: 1. The perceived enemy cannot be killed or wounded. They cannot be stopped or slowed down. They will just keep coming back. 2. Most passive RPers don't have the time or energy to deal with intense PVP like that. 3. Getting involved in something like that would require the group to focus ONLY on PVP and nothing else and some people just don't like PVP.
  12. Flea

    "Everything's Boring"

    I think the biggest problem is that conflict relies solely on other players. There's no other dynamic that drives any sort of conflict that involves pulling your gun out and shooting something. Sure there are zombies, but killing them is more of a chore than anything. It's like target practice, they aren't a threat AT ALL. DayZ is not RP friendly, this game was never designed to be played like this. That is why people resort to hostile RP in this community because the game is built around combat not RP. If the zombies were more of threat, like random horde events or some special kind of super zombie that's extremely difficult to kill, the dynamic of conflict would be spread more evenly across all play styles. People wouldn't have to rely on other people for action when there is a universal threat that attacks EVERYONE. I mean for Christ's sake it's a zombie apocalypse, shouldn't the zombies be the main reason for combat anyways?
  13. Flea

    Cosmetic / Clothing items & features you'd like to see in DayZ

    Tinfoil hats cause why not? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. Flea

    "Everything's Boring"

    Your optimism is refreshing, however when people "try something new" they seem to think the solution is more hostile groups going around forcing role-play out of people. That's not to say having hostile groups around is a bad thing, but I just feel like people need to actually try something NEW. I've been around a while and I've seen some pretty unique ideas ranging from groups role playing as a courier and mail service to even groups that dedicate themselves to being bus drivers and transport people across the map. Unfortunately, these ideas eventually fell through because hostile groups find it fun to tear them apart and drive them off. I'm not saying that hostilities towards these groups shouldn't exist, but it was to the extent of discouraging them from continuing to RP and fulfill they're groups goals. Now with the new "Color Coded Character Thingamajig", I feel like it will benefit those who want to come up with unique groups ideas that will benefit the quality of RP for a lot of people on the server. The reason people haven't been coming up cool new ideas is because they feel discouraged to do so because they KNOW it's gonna be shit-canned by certain groups. RP doesn't have to be hostile in order for it to be interesting and fun.
  15. Flea

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Yeeeaaaaaaaah, probably one of the more awkward RP sessions I've had in a while. It also didn't help that Tatiana SHOT AT ME! But other than that great RP from both of you and @JkpFrog as well as @Malthis. I might play some more guitar for you guys if I find some new strings