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  1. Cpt. John Thorn

    Had An Awesome Time

    Love ya, Mike. You were one of the best friends I made in this community and I will miss you dearly. Keep in touch, brother.
  2. You should come play with me and the people I run with. I think as a new player you could really benefit from learning about the IG lore of the world and how people find the ability to be unique and interesting survivors within that lore. I like the spirit of where you are coming from, but this type of RP breaks the lore, which I strongly encourage you to read. If I were you, I'd start thinking of ways to make your survivor stand out and be engaging, rather than attempting to rp an undead char.
  3. Take care, Rick. We'll always have NWAF (where I met you and Paula with one of my first characters). Cheers.
  4. *Opens an oaken drawer slowly, then removes a pizza cutter the size of a tractor tire. Using both hands and fifteen bros from the neighborhood gym, he cuts Dusty a slice of the freshest #HYPE pie topped with all the freshest ingredients.* CONGRATULATIONS WESTERN WATCH! So excited to see this approved and good to go. Love you long time.
  5. Calloused fingers depress a black slender button. There is just a bit of radio static before the silence is broken by a long, methodical laugh. It's a cackle of two parts, the first the growl of rolling thunder, the second the warmth of a summer's kiss. The accordion song of labored breathing plays in a cycle behind the laughter. Something falls, cries out in a separation of shattered glass. A word with jagged edges is said in angry French. "Boy, 'ave I missed you. Get 'ere, soon, mon ami. I 'ave so much to show you. So much..."
  6. These types of interactions are why I love this community. Great idea on the thread guys. Also enjoyed the video. Good luck with this group.
  7. You're welcome. It's comments like these that actually inspired me to make the thread in the first place. I have ran into several people who felt things eventually get stagnant if they don't try something new. I hope setting up triggers for your characters and driving interactions toward action/consequence will help make things more fun for you in the future! Let me know how it goes!
  8. Cpt. John Thorn

    [PWD] Pinewood [Recruiting]

    I am super excited by this idea and wish you all the luck in Chernarus. I'm sure you all know this, but this is an ambitious concept that because of aggression-based game mechanics will be difficult. I post support here so you know I'm all about establishing an in-game community that sustains and lasts here, even though I'm skeptical if it can actually survive targeting from hostile characters. If I were you guys, I'd reach out to The Colony Caravan and Alcyone and see what they've learned oocly about how to protect and run an IG community. You never know what you might learn. We rp skepticism and isolationism as a nomadic survivor group and I can tell you firsthand that some folks are skeptical and a little off-put by bag searches, weapon checks, and other safe measures. I think this type of realistic rp is a great contribution to the server though, so I hope to learn some things from seeing how you guys go about it in the future. Good luck! Let me know if I can help OOCly with anything.
  9. Thanks so much! I agree and keep mine on a few post it notes stuck to my monitor and have a fresh pad nearby if I ever come up with more on the fly I want to add. I personally think triggers are enough to get you started and can help you learn about the character enough down the road to flesh out a more developed and rewarding backstory. In fact, one of my triggers was used with Caroline. If Calypso is asked about his nickname, he may start dancing or offer to dance with those people who brought it up. Cheers. Hope we see each other again IG soon.
  10. Cpt. John Thorn

    The Banter Brigade Are Leaving

    You guys were always great to run into in my book. I've been robbed by you all and held some of your members hostage. I always enjoyed interacting with your characters no matter what side of the coin I was on. You will be missed and I do hope once things calm down some of you will consider coming back. Sure, there have been tensions, but that happens in a community full of passionate people. I wish we could have gotten to hang out more, but I'll try to be happy with the random encounters I had with some of you. Sure, I can understand why some have concerns, but I can safely say you guys have never done anything I couldn't forgive you easily for. You always have seemed rational when confronted openly and honestly. That's really all you can expect from folks. Anyway, I'm ranting. I hope you all have fun somewhere else for a bit and can find a nice new home. Love you long time, lads. I may end up saying "Ring-a-ding, ding, baby" all week just to make myself feel better about this.
  11. I'm an interactive fiction writer, games journalist for a tech startup magazine, and short story author. I'm working on a collection of shorts now and am sending stuff along to be published here and there. I've also been working on the writing work behind Adopted, a first person exploration game where the player examines human relationships through the eyes of a dog. Shameless plug for the game: www.adoptedgame.com As for writing techniques, I wrote a guide with an analysis and a few that have been helpful in my career and on DayZRP. Hope it helps you, too! http://www.dayzrp.com/t-How-To-Avoid-Boring-Roleplay-An-Introduction-To-Complication-Triggers
  12. Cpt. John Thorn

    Text RP issues.

    Completely agree with the original post but think that Kattica is showing above how emotes should be done well. In writing, we have an old addage: Show Don't Tell. Emoting your thoughts and feelings is telling me, as to where an emote that gives me what you're doing is showing me, and allowing me to imagine and infer how it might be connected to your character's dialogue. In a way, emotes can add a level of kinescis to the game, that is, the language made by the body's movements. When you add a thought process or backstory to an emote, you are ruining my inference and the joy of imagination that can come from a strongly described 'non-telepathic' emote. So, if I had my way, all projections would be eradicated from DayZRP but emotes would still be strongly encouraged and used.
  13. Cpt. John Thorn

    Realism VS. Entertainment/Story Telling

    I'll take a stab at uncomfortable roleplay, because it's something that's been bothering me lately. I think it is wise when playing with a group of people to define and discuss what time of complications are fun for a group, not just one person. Recently, I've found myself frustrated when playing with other players who, through no fault of their own, want to explore interesting internal complications that can lead to running away or infighting. Although I do see this as great role play, I think there can be a limit for what is fun to others. In my opinion, it's best to discuss this type of rp in a OOC fashion with others first, before you do something that could lead to a lot of internal work. Since it is a positive example, I will call out Aurora Sky in a positive manner, as she just did this before leading our group on a wild goose chase for liliya, and gave Mickey Jonas a real chance at nabbing her through a character complication. This was both risky and respectable, as it gave everyone an equal chance at dynamic, fun rp with real consequences. I will say though, that the weight of these consequences was stressful, and without an OOC discussion, could make the game feel 'unfun' or like 'it's too serious.' I think people should be conscious of limitations and risks of emotional rp and dynamic storytelling, because sometimes it can take a lot of energy and thus be pretty draining. At the same time, it often creates the most memorable types of experiences, IMO, so it's a double edged sword. Great thread and great discussion topics.
  14. Thanks. I actually have a background in making educational games. I'm glad it helped you!