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  1. Know that feel, hapenned to me but with a kiwi
  2. Took me like 2 weeks to find my favorite thing, a gas mask :3 and lost it in a car crash
  3. didn't know that thanks for the advice !
  4. I was full loot, Mp5 with mag, mosin full gear, good stuff you know. I was driving a v3s and my tuck decide to go underground, wait like 10 min until my screen turn black and i was dead. Love DayZ, but i hate when you die by a bug/glitch, i prefere get killed on site then get killed by a glicth. Rolayt
  5. Rolayt

    Update 0.53

    Ok, thanks everyone !
  6. Rolayt

    Update 0.53

    OK thanks for the information, i know it was at the admin to decide but if you are telling me they are actually have a debate on this, i'll just wait
  7. I know ubdate 0.53 is coming, but i want to know if our character will be reset because it's going to be big one Thanks Rolayt
  8. Rolayt


    Wow, not fun But me it happened in DayZ Standalone Thanks buudy for the answer Rolayt
  9. Rolayt


    ok, not really agree with that, because it is not fair, because you don't know where he is, because when you talk in game you know where it come, but not with the text, But if it's not against the rule Thanks for the answer
  10. Rolayt


    Today, someone try to rob me with no microphone, he just type in the game "Drop ur gun" i didn't know where he was, so i ran behind a wall and go prone to drop my weapon until he start shooting at me, but he miss his 2 shot (was a blaze) so i took out my gun and kill him. For me, typing in game to rob someone is not rp. So my question is that : Can you rob someone by typing in the chat ? Thanks Rolayt
  11. Thank you all for he answer, I hope your advice will work ! Nice communitie ! Rolayt
  12. I want to know if people are doing trading place, if yes i will love to know where Does someone know hoe to stop the shaking hand/body ? Thanks Rolayt
  13. Rolayt

    DayZRP mod End of Life

    Love how everything is perfect on this site ! Thumb_up