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  1. The first episode after a Mid season Finale, I highly doubt it. This season has been moving quick. Maybe not the first episode but perhaps the second.
  2. Someone is going to die next episode... And my prediction is Maggie
  3. Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series

    I enjoy a lot of telltale games. Hopefully this one as well!
  4. 1st person would definitely cause a more "real" experience. Imagine being hunted by a group of players and having to hide with 1st person view... Horrifying. However I do see the point of having 3rd person. From the poll it looks to be 50/50. I'd suggest having a 1st person only and 3rd person only server, but only if feasible financially...
  5. Another Gaming Laptop Thread

    Honestly I've always had a good experienced with either MSI or ASUS.
  6. Passphrase

    I read the rules in Standalone and realized that no passphrase was present there. So I went ahead and reread the rules again for DayZRP Mod and found it!
  7. DayZRP is the way DayZ should be played

    I wouldn't say it's the "way it should be played". The game can be played many ways, if a person prefers PvP let them do so. I would argue by saying that DayZRP is the most accurate way to play the game when comparing to real life! I am positive that people wouldn't turn into murderous maniacs if a zombie outbreak ever occurred.
  8. Character Biographies

    Name: Jon Kowalski Age: 24 Height: 5'10 Weight: 142 Hair: Light brown Eyes: Green Pre-Outbreak Profession: Automotive assembly line worker Demeanor in Three Words: Individualistic, patient, sensible
  9. Heyo!

    Hey! I just literally found out about DayZRP after watching a stream on twitch. I can't believe I never thought of searching DayZRP servers until now. I have a history of RPing in various games, mostly in WoW. I love RPing as it allows me to fully immerse myself in an experience, especially when other people are RPing alongside me. You will definitely be seeing me around here from time to time! I applied to be whitelisted and am super excited to get started Thanks, Drocrow