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  1. I would like to join the DayZRP community, however I am underage - I am 14 years of age. I am, as my name shows, part of the AimGamers clan. The AG clan only recruit under 18s, however they made an exception for me - I showed my maturity while playing with them. I am known to be very mature for my age - maturity is not based on the age of the person, but their personality (a 14 year old like me can be more mature than a 16 year old). This is the member list for AG: http://www.aimgamers.ninja/members I am xwdaniel2803 (it only displays my join date as very recently as we changed website - I have been an AG member since 2012). Others can vouch for my maturity, such as GoWithTheFlo who has joined DayZRP already (and is part of AG) and Fluffy Me, who is applying and also part of AG.