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  1. Oh okay good to know thank you very much.
  2. Oh ok well when I get it I'll be sure to submit an application. Hopefully fingers crossed it goes on sale again soon and I can get out to buy a steam card
  3. Oh well if I get arma I'll be sure to play on it. Maybe now that overpoch is out though they could move it to that
  4. Hello, I was just wondering if their will ever be a branch of dayzrp moving to Arma III. or maybe even an altis kind of thing?
  5. IGN: Elijah Gregory Age: 16 Country: United States of America English skills: English is my native language DayZ Mod Experience: NA DayZ Standalone Experience:I have logged a little over 200 hours Role-playing Experience: I am somewhat experienced in RP but I am still learning What kind of In Game role best describes you: Hunter/gatherer/medic/Emotional support RP wise Have you been in any clan/group previously: I am currently in a clan called FG but they do not play RP Additional notes: Above when I stated emotional support, that is for people who are about to die or who are in need of help aka hostage negotiation Best way to contact you: I visit my RP account daily or add me on steam Back story: I was stationed in Washington prezombie apocalypse. We helped out any survivor who needed it. Then one day a survivor came in we where in a hurry as a horde of zombies where 900 meters out. So we didn't properly check him for bite or scratch marks. We ushered him through and into a warehouse full of all the other survivors. We locked everything down no one in no one out. Then the man turned. He bit the person next to him. and of course that person kept their mouth shut as they didn't want to be killed. Then the man proceeded to bite nearly twenty people before we could decommission him. Well of course none of the people bit said they where bit. Then when they turned the bit more etc... Then we had to deal with the horde outside and the growing problem inside. We grabbed as many survivors as we could and ran for a plane. It was an airliner could hold only about a hundred of us. We made most of the soldiers stay back so we would have enough time to take off. I was one of the lucky ones who got to fly out of their. It was me and four other soldiers the pilot and 95 civs. Us soldiers where their to decommission anyone who showed signs of turning. We where to do so as quietly as possible. Little did we know the civs weren't the ones we needed to watch it was the pilot. We where in bound for Chernarus we had gotten word that it was one of the only places in the world unaffected by the apocalypse, it was a lie but we were unaware at the time. So the pilot turned just as we got to Chernarus and we crashed in a city called Chernogorsk. I was in the back of the plane and was able to survive the impact. I got out of their as quickly as possible. I didn't know if anyone else had survived and, frankly I didn't care at the time. I just needed to leave that wreckage so I made my way up North.
  6. Hey man It's Elijah Gregory! I had a great experience with you as-well. I was so sad when you died. I tried to take that fish catcher and catch some fish in the ocean. I was just about to die from starvation barely staying alive off of the worms. So I headed to the ocean dropped the catcher and waited. Then I glitched out and broke my legs. Tried to swim to shore but I drowned. I would've died from the depression from the loss of a friend even if I hadn't drowned. I hope to see you again in the next life. It was one hell of an experience for me as-well. -Elijah Gregory
  7. So I was playing on the U.S. server a few minutes ago. I received the "no message received" message so I logged out. When i tried to log back in I got stuck on wait for host so I immediately disconnected. I waited a few minutes and logged back in, I got 30 second timer and then got stuck on "please wait" when I was in the game I had spawned on the coast as a fresh spawn. My in-game name is Elijah Gregory.
  8. Exile I am absolutely serious, zombies come running when they here that loud bang. You may also attract other people friendly or foe. Yeah it is a lot easier to use a gun to kill a zombie in this game, maybe the reason you prefer to use a gun is because your skill level with melee weapons is sub par.
  9. Okay thank you for the help. So their is really no way to become a cannibal without breaking the rules. That's a shame do you think any rules will be developed for a cannibal lifestyle or is that just a dumb question?\
  10. So I'm not sure where the line is drawn between cannibalism and Kos. I am interested in becoming a cannibal but I'm not sure how I should go about killing my victim. Do I have to tell them I'm going to eat them and then chase them down or what?
  11. Really hoping to join a settlement I've been sent to novo electro and cherno all because I want to join a town. are you on right now?
  12. Okay thank you for the help and feedback, this was my first ever forum post besides my introduction post.