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  1. Locations of friendly towns/cities with other players

    Thanks for the advice guys it is much appreciated.
  2. I was wondering if anyone knew of a town or city that friendly players were occupying. I'm not sure if telling me would be meta-gaming so if it is just don't reply. If anyone knows any up north it would be great to go check it out and see how everything works. I hope to hear some responses! Stay Classy Chernarus -JellyBeanJoe
  3. Hello!

    My whitelist application was rejected I guess I can't play guys :c
  4. Hello!

    Do any of you guys know how long it takes to become whitelisted? Not to be rude as I know people have other and better things to do I'm just very excited to get into the roleplaying experience.
  5. Hello!

    I hope to see you all in Chernarus!