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  1. David has an important military background. He did 4 years of the military in Canada and moved down to work from the military base in Quebec after a few deployments. He is educated in Law and loves to travel. Because of this background, he was privately messaged through his military email. He was asked to go to work on a contract for an undefined amount of time in the area of Nyheim. The government wanted him knowledge so it could help them to figure out a balance between military forces and the laws that could be established. It was the perfect time since there was a strange peace that was established, the government wanted him to come to them so he could establish some new rules and change some before a conflict arises. His role would be mainly to work through the military wing and start serving at the lowest level. The contract stipulated that it wanted him to start there, and he would go up in the chain of command as he would get a better understand of the whole situation. Of course, he wouldn’t be there full time. When the opportunity arises, he would have to meet up with the government or with the higher-ranked military official in order to speak about those laws that he had to work on. They do not want someone that comes from a different country and starts to put laws that might not work very well with this very particular conflict. David understood perfectly their point of view and did not mind. He wants to work with everyone and doesn’t mind doing some work in an office or on the field. He was a little bit startled when he heard about the mutation that happened, but it didn’t scare him away. David took the contract; it was just another adventure for him. He was someone that reflects a lot before deciding and this reputation followed him through the years. He wasn’t someone that felt like he had to dictate and order people around, he understood that tough decision had to be made, but he would prefer to discuss them before taking a harsh decision. Plus, as an outsider, he will need to listen more than talk in the earlier stages of his contract. He never served any military term in that area, but he wasn’t a stranger to the types of weather that it had. After all, David did some of his service and camping throughout all the Canadian seasons and weathers. His survival skills were on point for many situations. It wasn’t exactly like his hometown, but he would somewhat feel like he wasn’t that far from home. In some situations, he understands that he would meet some survivors or citizens that might cause them danger or need their help. He is far from being selfish, but he knows how to draw the line. His background will help him in order to assist them appropriately since he knows how to work as a team and how to assist people safely. With the virus going around, he doesn’t want to simply help or save everyone before making sure that the situation is safe to intervene in. The last thing he wants is to bring the spread of that strange virus or worst, be responsible for the death of one of his new friends.
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