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  1. Karon lee born in new branfulls texas year 2003 average kid raised in a ‘country’ setting work a rance in his teens and after his step father who was a retired cop encouraged it he decided to become a bail bonds agent also known as a bounty hunter over the span of a few years he learned the important of wearing a bullet vest of learning how to move carefully in a bad spot how to fight how to chase and how to survive while hunting down the remote local bounty targets one being a full months trip ayway from any civiliatoin after he had himself a good time he decided he would tour across europe germany france mabey russia he decided on chernarus then some strang things happened the city went on lock down and he decided ‘welp im not sitting to die’ pick up his handgun grabing his small tac pack and started heading inland deciding he did not like the coast and from there he sets of onto the great adventure that is in his own words ‘the zombie fucking apocolyps’
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