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  1. We need Johnny Dazzler here. I was robbed once by him and ti was a privilege, I've never seen someone stick to RP so well just to rob me and put me in a pink dress. Shame my partner dropped him before I could see the end result, I think he might have finished robbing me and cannibalize me.
  2. That's funny. The Irish or Scottish group that hangs around the vybor military base are SO trigger happy. They will shoot you for nothing. That whole group needs to be dealt with. Completely agree, they held my partner hostage for about 20 mins and totally admitted they they were in the wrong, and it seems from reading other forum posts it's a common occurrence with this group
  3. Date: Today - Dec 31st Time: 11pm est ish Location: South of Vibor Military base Suspect info(if any) Ryse o'riley Saw two guys in the field to the south, dropped to our stomachs to avoid conflict they circled around us(but we thought they just left) They fired 3 shots at me hitting me in the legs and breaking them and damaging my bandages. I then bleed to death in about 3 mins while they made me crawl the 200M to them, they said they warned me to listen to them(from 200M away, which audio doesn't go that far) and since I didn't listen they shot me. I was running with Dante and they held him prisoner.....with they did apologize for killing me saying they just got trigger happy and then let Dante go loose. Still a cheap KoS