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  1. Lavender grew up in a more secure, and peaceful settlement in what was once Oslo. In the last year and a half, she had been reading up on medicine from the few tattered textbooks that remained. Two important loved ones passed away during her studying time; feeling like she learned all she could know, she volunteered to go on a small convoy to the North. This was in the hope that helping others, and focusing on work would help move through her grief. She heard that the most good could be done there. Plus, she’d heard how beautiful things could be beyond the Arctic Circle, especially the Northern Lights. The convoy got attacked outside of Nylheim, and has essentially left her stranded there, with some knowledge of medicine, but little of geography, or who to get in contact with in Oslo. Staying in the area is terrifying, but for the time being, less risky then trying to make the journey all the way South. She was trying to move through her grief, but being lost, away from home, and now in constant fear has exponentially compounded emotional turmoil. She now spends her days trying to gather gear for practicing field medicine, as… that’s all she can do to move forward.
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