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  1. Nolan’s story starts in Norway, born to a Mark and Ria Withrow. Nolans father Mark was a Sergeant in the remnants of the American Army, this is what led Nolan never seeing his family’s homeland. Mark was stationed in Norway during their last efforts to stop the infected, when failed they had no other choice then to migrate wherever was safest and most desolate of infected. Nolan grew up with his twin, learning everything they could from their father who was persistant in them learning how to survive and hunt. Everything was going great… small group of survivors bonded together with a common goal.. survival. Slowly trying to make their way north east to avoid an oncoming herd of dead. Just as the group is reaching the border of Nyheim They encounter another large group of dead, whilst trying to thin the herd gunshot cracks and whips are heard. Nolan remembering what his father has taught him knows this means the shots are coming in their direction, hoping the shots are friendly people attempting to rid them of the dead, they call out to the direction of the shots which results in Nolan watching as the entire group starts falling to the ground…. As Nolan sees his whole family die he knows he has no reason to stay and fight with the others, he flees running nonstop for hours until stumbling upon an open oddly peaceful meadow in the forest.. which brings us to current events with Nolan.
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