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  1. Born in 2017 Flint was born right before the beginning of the fall in Seattle, WA. Flint's father, who worked in Naval intelligence, knew that things were going to get out of hand very quickly as the virus began sweeping through the world's neighborhoods, and it was then he decided to take his wife Ele and young son Flint into the cascade mountains. It was here that Flint learned how to survive off the land in the harsh climates of the pacific northwest, and his father taught him how to forage for edible vegetation, hunt, shoot, and butcher wild game. But unfortunately this life wasn’t going to last, and both his parents fell to their deaths in January 2036 while traversing a narrow trail in the mountains during a huge snow storm. Deciding to head west towards Seattle and then south down to Oregon, Flint (19) decided to help and aid the the surviving colonies from the the Groups of Militarized Rightwing Militia groups heading down from the north east. And it was here that Flint would meet his first real best friend Henry Hilts. Hal, as Henry liked to be called, became more than just a friend, but a brother to Flint and over the next several years they both helped smuggle weapons, medicine, clothing, and food to all those in need of aid. As the War to end all wars came to a head and the militias closing in around them, Flint was guided by Hal to the last Ferry leaving the area, and heading towards a new safe haven in Monterey, CA. As they left Victoria, Oregon they watched as the militias stormed the last of the city and set the city to the torch. Hal and Flint both worked on the cargo ship Arcata helping with the transport of people, and supplies from the west coast to the east coast where other safe haven colonies were established. They dealt with more militias, bandits, and religious cults through their journeys back and forth from the west coast to the east coast making Flint and Hal even more numb to death. While also finding groups of refugees horrific tales of more and more dead waondering the wilds of every continent. What made working on the cargo ship was the safety you had away from the reanimated dead. On a trip from High Port, NY to Nyhiem the worst possible thing could have happened, a baby was being smuggled by a passenger that was infected with the Frenzied flu. This then led to a mass infection of the crew and passenger and in a moment of absolute terror, a side arm was pulled and discharged in the engine room, causing the fuel reserves to ignite and explode, splitting the ship into almost two pieces. Flint, not sure what happened to Hal in those quick frenzied moments, was forced to jump overboard, where he was able to find a floating tree. He washed up onto a beach, of what appeared to be an abandoned land with the dead everywhere. Flint's goal was now to find his friend Hal, He couldn’t be the only one who made it, could he….
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