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  1. Ander grew up in a closed community far from this city and world. As he matured, he realized that the leaders and members of the group had grown weary of the outside world and shut themselves off too much. The politics of the community were growing to be far too protectionist for Ander, so he left the community in search of other world views, new experiences and other cultures. He is curious and hungry for knowledge and fresh insights. On his departure, his community members organized a warm going away party. They didn't like to see him go, but didn't want to make it hard for him. The entire community even chipped in to send him off with enough food and money to make it to a new world. He was raised to be understanding and patient with friends and members of his own family, but was always warned to be critical of outsiders’ motivations and goals. He was told to take care of his own first and consider others seconds… Ander is looking for a calling. He isn't currently affiliated to any group, religion or belief system. He is a blank canvas looking for connection. He has a warm heart, a curious, malleable mind and could come off a little naïve at times…
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