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  1. Abraham Ford was sent over to Europe, specifically Frankfurt Germany, in early 2019. Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Abraham grew up to pursue a career as a firefighter in his home city. He dropped out of high school at 16 and began the application process to follow in his father's footsteps as a career fireman. After being accepted into the Charleston Fire Department, Abraham completed his training in November of 2018. The department leadership selected Abraham, along with four other fellow fireman, to join a national aide group being sent over to Europe in order to work with local fire departments in an attempt to share training ideas and knowledge. Abraham arrived in Frankfurt, Germany with other members of the aide group in early March of 2019. The group immediately began training with local firefighters on tactics, knowledge, equipment usage, and many other things. This abroad aide program was set to last one whole year to maximize the training potential. However, in the beginning of 2020, when the CAE-VIR-2 began, Germany closed it's borders. Any hope for Abraham or his coworkers to return home immediately disappeared. Distrust gave way to chaos as Abraham and his crew fought to help anyone they came in contact with over the difficult years. Abraham remained in Frankfurt for ten years and watched as some of his closest friends fell to disease, murder, or madness. The city of Frankfurt that he had come to know as a second home began to become merely a shadow of its former self before Abraham's eyes. As daily life became more difficult, Abraham decided to leave with a small group of survivors further North to the German town of Marsberg where travelers had whispered about a settlement for some time. Abraham arrived in Marsberg in early 2040 and found the closest thing to civilization that he'd seen in quite some time. He began to settle down and integrate well into this newfound society. The settlement leader allowed Abraham to form a small local fire company, where Abraham trained interested volunteers in basic medicine, rescue operations and fire extinguishing methods. This small group of dedicated survivors began to act as a small scale emergency response department for the settlement of Marsberg. They would receive radio calls for medical emergencies, entrapments, fires, and many other unique hazards. One evening, Abraham and one member from his crew received a call for help over their radio from the setllement's leader. When they arrived at his residence, the paniced leader informed Abraham that his wife, Maria, was in bed and wouldn't answer him. Abraham made his way to the bedroom where he was immediately greeted by the scent of decay. It appeared as though the leader's wife had passed some time earlier. Abraham made the grim notification to the leader that his wife was no longer alive. Overcome by grief and madness, the leader claimed that Abraham must have murdered her. He immediately called for the settlement's militia and had Abraham forcefully removed from the town. He was told if he ever returned again, he would be shot. Just as he was leaving, one of Abraham's fellow fire company volunteers handed him a map with a circled settlement further to the Northeast. Abraham began his long journey to the circled town, where he looked to start anew in this new place called Nyheim.
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