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  1. Hailing from Halifax, England., Jack, an ex-gamekeeper found himself traveling the Yorkshire Moores just as he would for work, before everything went wrong. He has decided that it's time to travel down the country to find the safety of a settlement that he had heard about via small traders. This settlement was called Ander’s Holdfast and it was located at Lincoln Castle. After many weeks of traveling on foot, he found himself landing and Anders Holdfast. He had to do some nasty stuff to get there, stuff that he regrets, but it was for his own safety and his own future, if you can call it that. After the loss of his wife and child, his mental health began to spiral. He thought that a fresh start in a new settlement would do him good. He started to work the fields, trying to help the community any which way he could. But his mental health was getting worse and turned him towards drink. After numerous altercations with the other members of the community, he was exiled from the settlement for crimes he committed, such as thievery, assault and other petty crimes. One night when camping under the starts near the coast, he started to think about another land that he had heard of, free from the infection and one that was taking in survivors. He couldn't quite remember the name? "Was it Nilhym or Tilvine? Nyheim! That's the name." He remembered that the trader said it was in a land far away, "Was it Norway? Sweden? Finland? " he asked himself. He knew it was close to one of the Scandinavian countries. He took out his compass that his little boy, Jake gave him for Christmas one year. Jack was a gamekeeper on the Yorkshire Dales, a compass was a very handy tool for his role. He looked at it, plotted East and decided he was going to try get there. He doesn't know how, but he's going to try. He remembered has he began to fall asleep, that the Viking via long boat, it took them two-ish weeks? Close to three weeks?. His old man used to be in the Navy and taught him how to make a small one man vessel. Granted, this would not be engine powered, it would require Jack to paddle the whole way. "Fuck it", he said. He closed his eyes and prepared himself for the task ahead. The next day, he began to build the small vessel, knowing that a better place was calling him. Two days later and he managed to build a small vessel from wood, stone and some rope. He stocked up with food , scavenging the local sea side town, to make sure he had enough for a three week journey maximum. Three weeks later, he lands ashore. He has no clue where he is, but all is very quite. Too Quiet.
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