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  1. Thank you everyone! Looks like I made it. Time to become Nineveh "Newsie" de Blakeland. -flicks hair dramatically.- See you on the other side!
  2. Hello everyone! Looking forward to joining what looks to be a wonderful community. Hopefully I'll make it to the whitelisting, if not, I'll try, try again. Being an 'old' text based role player, the combination of gaming, role playing AND the encouragement of creative writing is really appealing to me. Just adds another level of immersion. Great job on the website too! Eager to get started and begin running into your characters, spinning stories and character development. (^_^) All the best, Bedlam Bunny
  3. 2029:- A married couple by the name of Malachi & Rachel O'Loingsigh longed to start their own family. But the pressures of an ever changing world around them, limited their decisions. Ander’s Holdfast, located within the medieval walls of the ancient city of Lincoln, was the place that they had come to call home. They both had their individual responsibilities. Malachi was very much 'the builder', and so helping to maintain the defences and expanding homes for new arrivals that were accepted in kept him busy. Rachel inherited a thirst for knowledge from her parents, it was her personal mission to seek out and preserve historical documents around the British Isle, collecting and filing so that future generations could learn from the distant past, learning from their mistakes and achievements. Though it would be an eventual goal, a population boost being necessary down the road, it wasn't currently top priority. Nevertheless, the couple approached the council of the settlement to ask if it handle more mouths to feed. Surprisingly, the 'issue' wasn't as big as they had first thought! Happily, they started to try for their first child. 9th June 2030:- The birth of Moses & Michael was certainly an unexpected blessing, twin sons, they'd never have guessed with the lack of baby bump that Rachel had carried. The new editions to the O'Loingsigh clan were accepted joyfully by the community, and it brought a new lease of life to Malacai & Rachel - they wanted to do more, to give as much as they could for a better tomorrow for their beautiful baby boys. 6th September 2033:- Three years had flashed by in the blink of an eye. The young twins were growing and learning the ways of the world. Their communication skills were quite advanced for boys their age. Moses appeared to be forming traits of a natural born leader, which Rachel encouraged greatly, while Michael took interest in the protection of the settlement, drawing soldiers and eagerly watching the changes of guards, stating that when he grew big and strong, he would become a soldier and look after everyone. 30th March 2039:- Rachel had gone completely AWOL, though her husband constantly assured the council that she was just taking time for herself, there was no hiding the wails belonging to a fresh set of lungs that entered the world at 12:03am. Those cries were accompanied by another at 12:06am, and yet more screams in perfect harmony as the clock ticked 12:09am. A symphony composed and performed by the vocals of triplet girls. The birth had weakened their Mother, and their Father while overjoyed, feared that their increasing brood would bring contempt their way of those lacking in a 'litter'. They named their daughters (in the order they were born) Rahab, Nineveh & Le'ah. 2044-2048:- A tragic accident stole Malacai in death when the girls had reached their fifth birthday. And with Rachel's failing health, she made the heart breaking decision to research colonies that were willing to take children in. The choice was removed from Rachel as she fell into a coma, leaving the three girls at the mercy of the council. Unfortunately, the family was split entirely. Moses & Michael found placements in Scotland. And the triplets are ripped asunder, Rahab was sent to Syria, Nineveh remained in England, and finally, Le'ah planted roots in Switzerland. 2060:- Though something of a free spirit and difficult to tie down, Nineveh had an extremely short marriage to a man named Cainan de Blakeland, hence taking on his name. Strangely, the man mysteriously vanished two years into their marriage. Despite searches over the years, not a shred of information of his whereabouts or what may have happened to him as surfaced. There were no children as a result of the short lived relationship. 2070-2071:- Nineveh became something of a well-known figure in the local communities, travelling the width and length of most of the UK, collecting stories from survivors, publishing written news articles of joy and despair. At times she'd hop on the radio and DO IT LIVE, broadcasting ongoing skirmishes and celebrations alike. All she strived for was TRUTH and getting it out there to the masses. One supposes that her Christian held beliefs had something to do with that. So she set up her own independent newspaper/broadcasting 'company': Truth Seeker Media! With her distrust for those 'high up the ladder', from an early age she had always referred to them as 'the shadowy elite', something that had stuck when from reading her Mother's diaries. With her journalist prowess and news reading jibba jabba, she claimed the nickname "Newsie". The second reason for this alias, was because the common folk had a difficult time grasping and/or remembering her birth name. Near the beginning of the year 2071, Nineveh had received word that her younger sister (Le'ah) had been seen (albeit briefly) in a place called Nyheim. Well, it had been too many years, the family was all by a broken memory, shattered in the wind and scattering them far and wide. Even if this was a false lead, a lead was a lead. Plus, she craved to carve out her own path, living to document the PRESENT and share others stories. Only time would tell what TRUTHS Nineveh would find in Nyheim.
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