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  1. That's the plan so far I've found a home I like then decided it's a good time to starve to death, got lost in the wilderness spent 2 nights trying to work out where home was and got 1 very short interaction which was ended by a hungry Z. So it seems like same old dayz, which I love
  2. Hi Just want yo say hello to everyone, it's been quite a few years since I've done any meaningful gaming so I'm very much looking forward to getting cleared and access the server. I'm really excited about the character I've created, it's going to be a challenge but I have some great ideas to develop him, I hope I can pull it off. Looking forward to playing with you all.
  3. *speakers crackle into life with static followed by an unknown male voice Hello...hello blackbird to eagle...blackbird to eagle I have a request for safe passage for one Glenn Foilhat, do you copy, over *formalities completed Well where to start. Kind people woukd descride Glenn Foilhat as a complex man, some call him a conspiracy theorist and the rest just say he's nice but he's fucking mental. Glenn does not know where he came from but he believes he's Irish because he once found a book that said, all the Irish are good for is worshipping God fighting and drinking or was it drinking and fighting and worshipping COD...anyway the point is this line resonated with him and from the moment he read it he started remembering knowledge from a previous life. At first he thought it was fake memories put there by somthing like dark wizards or a satanic bunny rabbit, to be fair it's hard to be accurate when describing the thoughts of a crazy man, but as more thoughts and visions came to him it all became clear, he was only one man but he finally had the answers and it was so simple. These were answers to questions like, how did the world get to this stage, who was doing this to the people and why, he even had the answers to life and death itself...wow pretty big stuff, right? Well...ahhh...you see, Glenn isn't the most sane person you could meet in fact he may not actually be just one person. Glenn could be described as having multiple personalities however they all share the same memories and seem to work towards the same goals. They do seem to have different characteristics but his overall outlook and objectives are the same, it's just his different personalities may take different approaches to achieve goals. There is one very unique thing about his personalities and this is they all have different accents which Glenn doesn't seem to notice, he just brushes it off by telling people he is real and moving on, it's quite odd. He has been known to get quite stressed and agitated if you try to push the point too far, this can have quite a strange effect on Glenn. So I'm guessing you what to know Glenn's big revelation, the big answer he got, well...this is hard to say...oh I'll just say it then...Glenn believes he was given a download by God to rid the world of Satan. He thinks the world went through revelations and the antichrist came to earth and rules it still. He believes he was a warrior Angel who fought for humanity but was struck down in battle by Lucifer himself falling into the mortal plains and becoming a man, losing all memory of his heavenly life. He says that the devil used pop music, video games, 5G and a climate hoax...and many more mad theories to control and enslave humanity. He thinks we are all held in an AI augmented reality designed to keep us in fear so the devil and his demons can feed off our negative emotions and adrenaline. Ahhhmmm are you still there...can you...hear me? Ohh your back, well I did warn you he may have a screw or two lose but don't let something like sanity, or a lack of it come between you and good friendship. Glenn really is a good guy...or guys...He has been a great friend to me and truly believes what he does is for the greater good of all humanity. I met him on a windy beech in a place called Chernarus, he always looked out for me and tried to do what was morally right...ahh...even though his personalities would have different ways of doing the "right" thing it usually...ahhm...eventually had a happy ending. Once he even exorcised a demon parasite he said was living between my toes, and he did it for free. Well kind of free, he did ask that I come round to his shack and watch him eat beans, and not like a couple of beans or a tin, it was tin after tin after tin after, hhuummmpff...No I can't do it the smell it's still in there and the smack smack smack of his big fat lips and those dead eyes are they looking at me or through me... hhhhuuuuggggggaaaaddhhh....sorry just don't mind me I just don't like beans....anymore. Look I told Glenn I would do this for him, if you could provide safe passage to enter your lands then you are not only doing me a favour but you're doing yourself a favour with a really ok new citizen, he just wants to fight evil carry out his experiments to prove we all live in a fictional reality, a few tins of beans and maybe a warm body to curl up to at night, doesn't even have to be alive, or human for that matter, just as long as it's warm. *audible shudder Look we have patched up an old plane and she's fueled and ready to go, let's face it he's probably going to crash before he ever makes it to Nyheim but can you send out a message to your factions to allow him safe landing, if by some miracle he actually makes it... *voice becomes distant and muffled like the Mic was covered. Listen Glenn I've done it now can I go? Come on man I've been tied up here for days, I really need to shit man, don t let me crap in my pants again. NOOO I don't want to see you eat more fucking beans just let me go, pleeease. Really? Ohh thank fuck...Jesus Glenn your a fucking mental cunt *muffled voice mmmbbmmm I will take the lords name in vain yah prick now quick let me out before I shit myself. *ropes cut hurried short footsteps flee the Mic *the distant but very clear sound of a man sitting his pants reverberates through the dank empty halls to the microphone. *A soft high Chinese voice close to the Mic. Tehehehehehe, oops *line goes dead
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