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  1. Basic info Sergey Sokolov Born: 31st/10/1979 Place of birth: Romashka Chernaurus Mother: Daria Sokolov (Dead) Father: Dmitriy Sokolov (Dead) Brother: Ivan Sokolov (Missing) Occupation: Joined Soviet army at 15 years old Looks/Gear Hair: Long Slicked back, Jet black hair. Eyes: One Icey Blue eye. And one Smoky White eye (See backstory for the reason why he has 2 different eye colour’s) Height: 5’11 (180.34 cm) Weight: 83kg Personality Keeps to himself Will do anything if it benefits him Always thinking about the big picture Sentimental person eg: he would collect weird items like teddy bears and old fashion guns Always looking out for number 1 Likes Log cabins Camping The wilderness Hunting Scavenging Surviving Cigars 1911 pistols Old fashion rifles/guns A good challenge Fires Dislikes Infected Big cities (before the outbreak) Large groups Fears Wolves Bears Running out of supplies The night Back Story When Sergey was only 6 years old his house caught on fire. Him and his brother Ivan where the only survivors both his parents died, and the two became orphans. When Sergey was 15 him and his older brother joined the Soviet Army. During the army he was captured by American spies and was beaten for days. The American spies slashed his face with a knife and Sergey was left blind in his left eye, and a massive scar that goes from his left eye brow through his eye and down to his lip. The pupil and iris faded into the white of his eye, and now his eye is a pure white colour. After that Sergey left the army and lived in the Woods of Bogat, until the outbreak happened…
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