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  1. Nikolas originated form the west coast of Canada. His parents were both brutally murdered in front of him by looters when he was in his late teens. After years of hunting down his parent's killers he had learned many new skills with weapons and survival and eventually found the bastards got his vengeance. After finally getting the closure he needed he decided to travel to his late parent's homeland of Sweden to try to track down any remaining family members. He spent 3 years searching for any sign or trace of any family left but was left with more questions than answers. Nikolas has spent the rest of his life since as a nomad travelling across Europe trying to find any form of civilization that was still in tact. This is what brought him to Nyheim. He had heard from other travelers of this place and made the decision to go there. The rest of his story is yet to unfold but he is sure it will not be an easy life in this wasteland.
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