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  1. Colt Hammerborn, or Colombus Hammerborn is a well-known business man to few people, but completely innocent citizen to the police. Columbus believes in equality, thus wearing a mask, more specifically, a standard white gas mask. Before the apocalypse, Colombus ran a drug empire and several illegal gun stores. All his dealers wore green standard gas masks to show equality. He only wore a white one to show his superiority and uniqueness. The white mask was every where, on brick walls in the subway or random lightpoles with pictures of him. Either these posters were trying hail him or they were wanted posters for millions of dollars. In his other life, as Colt he was the owner over a very succesful building company, called Vexo Inc. He lived in a yellow mansion with his wife, Ashley and two sons Marcus and Timothy. They drove a Bentley along with several other cars such as a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porche and a private limousine. After the apocalypse standing at 173 zombie kills and a human body count of 94, you could say he's living pretty good.
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