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  1. Jovan Mihailovic aka John (born May 26, 2023), is an loner survivalist, roaming around the Nyheim region. Beeing new to the place, he is rarely seen in company of others due to his depression and paranoia. People that got to meet him always describe him as beeing a chaotic but good person, thus rarely making him dangerous or untrustworthy under normal circumstances. Early life: Son of Ludmila Mihailovic (d. 2047 - volunteer) and Boris Mihailovic (d. 2045 - high ranking ex-military official and survivalist). Boris, his father, prepared a fully stocked hidden bunker for him and his wife where they can quietly raise and educate their future baby. In 2023, after a really cold winter, their bunker was found by a team of brutal scavengers, forcing them evacuate the bunker thru an escape hatch and run for their lives into the woods. Beeing outnumbered and with his pregnant wife needing him, Boris decided to leave everything behind and make a run for it. The best plan was to head towards the north since they will have to deal with less people while raising their child. Shortly after that, in May, Ludmila gave birth to Jovan somewhere on the road, in the woods, thus making his birthplace literally unknown. Jovan was raised like a nomad, having to heavily rely on hunting with barely any outside human contact. His father teached him to avoid human contact as much as possible since nobody can be trusted anymore. He also showed him how to think strategically, get around, craft weapons, hunt and generally survive in harsh conditions. His mother showed him how to provide first aid, garden, cook and sow thus making him the ultimate loner survivalist. Present: Due to the way he was raised he did not developed any relations thus having no wife or kids. Otherwise not much is known, only that he is mostly alone but not necessarily vulnerable. Rarely working in groups and when so, usually only for hire and momentarily.
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