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  1. Ethan was born in a bit of a dangerous situation. You see, his parents being foreigners didn't fit into many of the communities, and were mostly shunned. Being immigrants from Australia also made it tough to adapt to the climate. For years he would barely have anything to eat or drink and his family was always on the run. They thought they were safe, at least they were for a time. But it wasn't the dead that got them. No, it was far worse. A band of marauders intercepted them on the way to Nyheim and killed his father leaving only his barely breathing mother to carry him to safety. For a minute everything was quiet, the wind in the trees and the birds chirping, but all that was about to change. Before even reaching the borders of Nyheim, they spotted a massive horde of undead blocking their way towards Nyheim, but as fate would have it, Ethans mother dropped dead. After all the emotional pain and torture, her mind couldn't take it anymore, and she took her final breath. As Ethan looked at his dead mother, he waited for her to turn into one of them and inevitably attack him. Thankfully though a group of survivors found Ethan and took him to a huge community, something bigger and better than anything else he had seen in the decrepit world in which he traveled from end to end before. As Ethan was an outsider a lot of the community members didn't want this child in the community, but as many of the group had to remind them, he was still just a child. In the next few days he would come into the custody of a lovely young woman, around her early 20's who would end up raising him and caring for him. Ethan was 5 at this time. Many years passed and he group up to be a bit of a quiet gentleman but always alert. A couple of months before Ethan was brought to this group an organization called The Council was elected as ruler over many communities. The community he was adopted into however was different. They strongly opposed what "The Council" did and even went as far as to say that they started the whole outbreak centuries ago. In the end, The Council dubbed his people as the real problem in their society and tried for many years to do away with them quietly, but with no luck. Ethan didn't care for any of this, he viewed both sides equally as bad, however, he did have a soft spot for his adoptive mother, Lisa, she was different. She opposed the group's views but couldn't speak up, it was bad enough she took in an outsider. Still, he loved her, almost more than his real mother seeing as he didn't really get to know her much. Soon though, Ethan decided he had to see what the inland Nyheim was like. If the people were really as bad as they were made out to be by his group's leader, something had to be done to give the people a decent leader, not him but someone who had what it took. That was his plan, to give the people of Nyheim better leadership, better than him, better than The Council. People could come together as one and open trade routes and not be afraid of each other. He had to try. He packed his things and said his last goodbyes to his mother, as difficult as it was. He loved her and hated seeing her distraught, but he already made his mind. Lisa understood, she was just afraid, and so was Ethan really, but he would have to bottle up that fear in order to reach his goal. The day was September 17, 2071. The anniversary of his mothers' death. Unfortunately, only a couple of days into the trek, he was jumped by bandits who took almost everything he had, leaving behind the clothes he had on his back and a couple of scraps in his pockets. He almost lost his will, but he was so close to the inner communities there was no way he could turn back now. He had to push on. He had to find... his wife. She went missing when she went hunting in Nyheim, only a couple of days before Ethan decided to venture out there himself, so as well as trying to create a better Nyheim, he needed to find his wife, if she was even still alive.
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