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  1. Yasha, a freelancer born unexpectedly in the ruins of the exclusion zone lived a life as a mischievous bastard who only tried his best to see the best of life in the wasteland. Growing alongside his father and his merry band of stalkers in the zone, Yasha learnt the basics of making the best of the situation with only the tools at hand and the wildlife around him. Climbing and parkour became a necessity in his everyday travels as the infected grew only stronger and more hungry for blood. His merry life in the zone ended upon his father's sudden disappearance, a disappearance he is still unable to decipher due to no possible leads found. Yasha left the zone after the incident, saying goodbye to the people he called family over the past twenty years as he ventured out, searching for glory and opportunity to wherever he may end up. He became a self-employed freelancer, doing jobs that have strained his moral compass while reassuring his troubled mind that 'morals mean nothing in a world like this'. He leads a life without a compass, a life without a map.
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