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  1. ahhh yess my backstory well, i guess you could say my story it all began in a small town in South Carolina called Port Royal in 1996 there i was!! little Frankie!! just born a beautiful moment a proud dad a joyful mom... well not in this case, you see i was born in a devastating time if you could call it that it was the apocalypse and this baby (me) would surlely never survive not in these conditions? well thankfully we managed you see my childhood went by quick there was no first birthday or partys it was all about survival atleast thats what my Dad thought David my dad was not the best father but i guess you get what you get in these times every morning at 4 am by the age of 7 were i could finally hold up a powerful enough gun well barley but from that day on that first hunt it got me hooked every morning of every day i would wake up early trying to hunt and gather stuff for my family it was very dangerous work for my age but some how i always managed to get back with something for my family and nothing more than a few scraches my mom hated me going out but i loved it and she had no power my dad ran that small cabin at the edge of town he would even hit my mom sometimes but i felt powerlless in that sense. by the age of 18 thats were my my life tured upside down if it wasint bad enough you know with the end of the world i came back from hunting one day to find my cabin on fire i dropped all my stuff and ran as fast as i could and tried to put it out but it was no help i sat there for 2 hours power less hoping that my family made it out when the fire finally went out i started looking threw the ruble and the thing i dreaded the most was there my mom, dad dead on the floor in the back room... i was lost angry sad confused every emotion you could think but its the apocalypse this probably happened to everyone's family i thought so i moved on traveling staying alone my whole life but i was good at that and i liked it. by the age of 24 i finally made it to a place called Nyheim were i spent all of my time in the woods hunting except for the occasional supply run. but I can say one thing tho all that time hunting has gave me a calm and peaceful mind very patient and in these times like this its a good thing to have being a great sharpshooter is a good thing too i have a lot of experience with hunting rifles not all that fancy automatic stuff. my small town never had a lot of what people call zombies idk why but here in this new place you don't really have a problem with that too much. that's about it i would say not a very exciting life but i love it.


    were can i find the lore is it a custom lore or just the regular lore of dayz
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