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  1. Dalton was born in a cabin in the middle of a deep pine forest. He was raised only by his mother, as she was seeking refuge from the cold and because she was close to child birth. - His mother got seperated from her party through an enounter with a horde of zombies. The party scrattled and his mother ran and ran, until she couldn't hear or see anything behind her. As the mother was the carrier of supplies, she had food, drinks, first aid kits etc. She had plenty of supplies to survive on the cabin for a long time after the birth and quickly decided to stay, as she had no idea where she was. As the months and years went by, the mother had made her own farming area of fresh vegetables from seeds from the food supplies. She hunted herself and thought Dalton to hunt meanwhile. Dalton was getting older. Closing in on puberty. They decided that it was time to try to reach out and get back into the real world. So she packed her bag as the bag she had made for Dalton from deer hide, which they had acquired from skinning one of the deers in which they had been feasting on. As they had been out hunting a lot. Especially the mother, she had started to map the woods, so that she could trace her steps and actually ended up finding the road in which they got attacked on, all those years ago. Dalton and his mother went in that direction and caught up to the road, while they started following it, for several days. Camping near it, every night in a small tent in which they had found in the cabin a while back. *Dalton wakes up to find his mother is no longer in the tent, the next morning*. *He walks out of the tent, looking around. Only seeing small snowflakes slowly landing on his sleeves of his jacket*. He starts to call for his mother, but no one is answering. As he was tought hunting, he starts to trace her steps in the thin layer of snow on the forest bed, towards the road. The closer he gets, he notices a car, parked on the road. He see's that it is overrun by zombies and his mother is sitting inside the car, with a passed out driver. The motor compartment is busted into a tree and his mother can't get out. She yells at Dalton *GO GET YOUR BAG AND RUN!* ... Dalton does as his mother commands. When he returns to the scene, his mother yells once again. *FOLLOW THE ROAD AND GET HELP*... Dalton starts to run as fast as he can, with his backpack, following the road.. Many hours later, he is running out of motivation as a small party of people comes out of the woods. Dalton collapses on the road. The group quickly picks him up and asks what he is doing out there, all by himself. He explains the situation about his mother and he tells them that she is stuck and needs help. They agree to do what they can in order to help him and backtrace to the car where his mother was caught. As they get there, they find the driver of the car to still sit in the front seat, half eating with his door open, grunting a ltitle, as he has turned into a zombie. They also notice the backdoor of the car is also open, as if the mother had opened the passed out drivers door, to distract the zombies, so that she could open the backdoor and escape. They yell and examine the surroundings for Daltons mom. But she is nowhere to be found. They find her footprints leading back to the tent, where the mother had managed to pack up the tent and run off with her bag and supplies. Dalton and his group starts to follow the steps and that leads them further into the lands. Still looking for his mom, he runs with the party for several years, slowly giving up on the dream. The party was losing people. Taking new people in. All with the sole purpose of surviving. He become close friends with a guy around his age. Jacob. They both hunt. Have same interests and get super close. As several years went by, people died from various deceases, accidents. Encounters with both zombies and survivors of not so friendly origin. So now, only Dalton and Jacob remains. Nomad hunters, with no base. Just wanderes of the forests. Looking to be left to themselves and/or to encounter people on their terms. To be continued....
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