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  1. I was born and raised in what is now called Nyheim with the goal of trying to become a aerospace engineer, at a young age i was very athletic and would play as many sports as I could, my personal favorite being Football. as I grew up my father become very sick and wasnt doing too well. either way i tried to take care of my family, i got a job at a convience store to make some money for my family, this kept going for around 4 years till it was time to graduate, once i graduated i got a once in a life time chance to study abroad in new york city, I didnt want to leave my family without someone to take care of them but they insisted on me going. i finally decided to go after a few months of thinking i decided to go, i had been studying english for the past 2 years so i didnt have to worry about a language barrier. once i got to new york it was much different from my home town everything was super busy and moved faster than at home but i had to start studying so i could become an aerospace engineer so i could truly provide for my family. i made some friends in new york and they showed me on how to make new york style pizza and even showed me how to shoot guns, i also when camping with them a few times and really enjoy our time together. as finals were creeping up i wasnt able to hang out with my friends cause they caught a new virus going around called the frenzied flu which goverments were talking about a lot, unfortunately for me it seemed as if my dad caught the same virus and wasnt doing too well, i decided to head back home to take care of my family for the time being and take care of my dad in his ill state. trying to get a ticket was super hard because of the war about to start between the new state of nyheim and Norway but after days of trying i finally was able to get a ticket. as i was getting on the plane i was looking at my phone when i saw that the goverment was cutting off all air travel control the next day to prevent the spread of the virus and would be inforcing a lock down that everyone had to follow. realizing how lucky i was to get out before the lock down i sighed of relief i decided to take a nap ready to see my family in 15 hours, what i didnt realize is this would be the last time i could take a nap without worrying about my survival. as we landed we noticed something was off with the amount of military around, they started to pull us in these busses and started to drive down a long road. everyone was freaking out because in only 3 minutes of leaving the plane we were forced in busses to go somewhere without our consent. as i was trying to calm myself down we heard gun fire and a crash. we looked out the window to our left to see the bus crashed and people were chewing on each other and fighting. that was when our bus got tackled by these inraged humans, no they only looked like a human but they werent human. i somehow got bolted out of the window as the bus crashed and fell into a river.
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