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  1. Thomas Skolt is from a nomadic tribe that has been migrating around the Russo-Finnish border since the collapse near 50 years ago. A seemingly Gaelic group of Sami appeared in the region at this time. Disconnected from the majority of events proceeding the outbreak, Skolt Tribe has lived a humble existence off the land, only in time of emergency having to interact with outsiders. Over the past few months most of the tribes' elders have come down with a strange affliction, large dark lesions and extreme lethargy has left the tribe crippled of its wisdom, quickly this spread to all in the tribe but one, Thomas Skolt. Enraged and emboldened watching his kin succum one after another, Thomas vowed to find out why he folk were forsaken.Thorne visited town after town, settlement after settlement for someone to help, but everytime the answer as the same, "Nyheim has the answers you seek." With what little he could carry with him, Thomas took off to this awe-inspiring place to put his clans spirits to rest.
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