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  1. William Crow grew up in a village on the outskirts of Nyheim, his life was slow and boring all he could do was play with his friends and go on hunting parties. Williams childhood was slow and normal, he learned to hunt, skin, and how to survive when you have nothing but your hands. Everything changed in 2050, Williams village had a massive outbreak of an unknown illness, all of the village elders were evacuated signifying the village was no more, the only thing that was there were monsters, not human, they would eat humans alive. William's first kill of a monster was in 2051, his family was slowly dying from sickness and starvation, when they spotted a small campsite surrounded by the dead, William now 21 charged the camp killing 3 of the dead, from then on William was the protector of this family and friends, they would act as nomads, going throughout the land scavenging anything they could find. Years went by of doing the same thing, going into a destroyed village, scavenging whats left and moving on, the year is 2070 William is 40 years old and has nothing to lose, his parents and brothers all of died from the dead, William would discover a giant city, in the heart of Nyheim, he would try to enter but the gate was closed, and there were no guards. He would yell on and off for days and days before finally the gates opened, William entered but only to see crying families and destroyed buildings to what looked like another "stone village" as William put it. William would wonder the streets, living off scraps and friendly families, William lived inside the great village for a year, until finally he decided enough was enough. William would leave the city once more, travelling through unknown woods to what looked like an old ship, once inside 5 men dressed in all black would show themselves, William felt a large pain in the left side of his face before seeing all black, William opened his eyes to a demand, "join or die". - to be continued
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