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  1. well I had something far worse happen to me today...found a V3S in Svetlojarsk drove all the way through elektro almost in cherno and get disconnected...after reconnecting I am back in svetlo. now I just got disconnected again and joined as a new spawn...this is somewhat really sad and making me a bit mad....
  2. Thank you guys so much for the Warm Welcome....
  3. Just wanted to say Hello to Everyone The Name is Brian Dwight Kennwick,but my friends Call me Kenny. I was with the Howling Wolf Pack back in Germany which is a Rescue and Protection Squad but I went to Chernarus to find out more about the Outbreak and maybe find some answers and perhaps even a cure... Looking Forward to Running in to you guys and if anybody needs help don't hesitate to ask for it....I am here to Help as much as I can....