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  1. He's frank, eager and sullen. But what'd you expect from somebody with his disturbing past. He was born and grew up in a great family in a major village, he lived free of trouble until he was about 10 years old, but at that point life changed. He lost his siblings in a revolution and was now alone and forgotten. Alongside a brother he had to survive in a odd world. But with his powers and perseverance, he managed to train to perfection and overpower anybody who's a hinderance. This has turned him into the man he is today. Having finally found some peace of mind, he now works fitting in with society. By doing so, he hopes to start life over on a good note and finally find friends he has never had.
  2. SwagLikeCaillou

    S3: RDM - North of Kabanino - 6/6/2016 6:20

    I just watched the video he put the m4 down ,but on my screen he started reloading his weapon that is why I took the shot I no other reason to shoot him besides on my screen his m4 was being realoaded. No I don't think he was recording Obviously its his video proof against my word and of course his is more legit but, I've been in the community since 2014 so i just would not go around shooting people for no reason. But on my screen his m4 was being reloaded on my screen. Literally we were just gonna take his FAL and be on our way so when I had to shoot him that was not even on our agenda. But I will take my consequences, no problem because I can't argue with video evidence
  3. SwagLikeCaillou

    S3: RDM - North of Kabanino - 6/6/2016 6:20

    Valdmir POV- When we told him to put his hands up and stuff hes started reloading his gun so I shot him cause the person I robbing him with told him to put his hands up. On my Screen he started reloading his M4 so I took the shot because I did not wanna take the chance of him shooting us.
  4. SwagLikeCaillou

    S1: NVFL Kabanino - 16/6/28 21:30

    If I even trying to shoot the guy it wouldn't be possible because he had already gone back around the wall of the piano building, and when i misfired it hit the wall of the compound and as soon as that happend I started taking fire and I had to be a far enough distance where they couldn't here me yelling "It was a misfire, I'm sorry,Please don't shot".Well its their word against mine. In common since why would I try to take on a 12 man group after just running all the way from the cost, I would have no reason to do so, but if my misfire puts me in the wrong, I will accept the consequences.
  5. SwagLikeCaillou

    S1: NVFL Kabanino - 16/6/28 21:30

    Not from me
  6. SwagLikeCaillou

    S1: NVFL Kabanino - 16/6/28 21:30

    Frank Greco=POV. I entered the city and there was a lot of players in the town and I was walking up to them because a lot of the time in Kabanino it is like that, so I proceeded to approach, then they told me to leave and I started walking away and as I was walking away I noticed someone following me even though I 2-3 hundred meters out of the town. I was a little bit away from the person I saw. I pulled up my shotgun to zoom in an then as I zoomed in I shot. Not on purpose though, I shot a wall and I was not even aimed at the person I saw. I then started taking shots from what sounded like 10 different rifles. I was yelling miss-fire but as I started taking fire I gave up an ran. After about 5 mins running I stopped and put my hands up. They came up to me and killed me. And notice how none of them took any damage.I was so far away why would I to kill someone with a shotgun.
  7. SwagLikeCaillou

    Einzelgänger Security [Open Recruitment]

    Name [iC]:Joseph Griffin Selected Role [Einzelgänger Security or Community Member]: Feild Medic Why would you like to be this role? Because I like to be a medic and to be able to defend my self as well. What can your provide for the community? Gun skills medical supplies and a trusted man that wont turn his back on the group. Why do you think the community can help you? Well i would feel safer with a group. Skills:Good with a gun,Good a Scavenger and truthful
  8. IGN: Joseph Griffin Age:16 Country:USA English skills: All I speak is English but i know some Spanish DayZ Mod Experience: 2 years DayZ Standalone Experience: 8 months Roleplaying Experience: I played on other RP servers on the mod a lot. 2 years What kind of In Game role best describes you: Hunter/Fighter/Scavenger Have you been in any clan/group previously:No Additional notes:I don't get mad easy. Best way to contact you:Skype-mrpanders1 Backstory:A young man that has just moved there with a two brothers before the outbreak happened. Me and my brothers grew up on a farm and our father was the man to go to for good crops.I really got good at being a farmer and that's what i wanted to do when i grow but that all changed. I was in high school and the Marine recruiters came and they got me hooked. So I put in an application to join. I was accepted so the year after high school i was shipped off to war. I learned a lot about surviving in bad conditions. I was apart of the Alpha team and we were the fist ones in and the last out. It really changed my life. After the war i came back to America and got married and had a kid. But sadly they were killed in a bad car accident. So my brothers are all i got. But then I moved to the Country Of Chernarus with my two brothers.But I got split up with them when it all started and now i have no idea were they are at. I'm plan on finding them and trying to help others along the way. I plan on helping out the people that need it and protecting the people of this place.