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    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I'll take the BadRP, because of me requesting me to strip him down to look for weapons and then we did find weapons but that is besides the point. What I find unfair is me having to PK my character. The whole situation has been twisted it making it out as if we were hunting him for holding up @Twizzler and killing Red. We were trying to RP with him multiple times but he logged of 2 times when we found him and one of the times we reported. We are a contractor group and It's kinda a given that if we dont get paid there will be consequences. Throughout the whole time of us walking him out of Cernaya Polana (last contact with him) he was obviously trolling and trying to ruin the experience, therefor asking him to not speak seemed like a reasonable thing to do when all he was doing was calling us names and talking back. Hence forth us killing him. Just because he tells me OOC he doesn't like the situation does not seem unfair if we still hunt him, hes the one that took the deal with "CONTRACTORS". You can also hear me saying hurry up before he freezes to death. Also me telling him that he was going to die was me using intimidation, I feel Kato should have a lot a frustration built up and you can also hear me saying when I give him over to the cannibal to not kill him. Ofc im gonna tell him I'm going to kill him because i had the most contact with him. We only ever threaten the group he was with when we found out IC that they were hiding from us. This is the only time he ask us to drop the situation but in my opinion it just seems that he doesn't like what his character has gotten into so hes just trying to bring the problems OOC which seems really extreme on an RP SERVER. You can see my frustration with the situation. After the server wiped we stopped persistently looking for him, but the leader of the wolf pack gave him up and so of course we are going to get him, he still owes up for our work. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Throughout whole process of me RPing with Bodey IC and OOC, he was flaming me for RPing, We agree on a price for the work we do and you can see him telling me what he owes us IC in recent reports. Also like I said when the "on the house" comment was said it was by me, I explained that it was ME helping the moves supplies not the 3 hours we sat watching there base a security and why would a group of contractors sit somewhere for 3 HOURS for free, does not make any since why we would do that? When he took @Twizzler he was not killed nor taken hostage it was resolved peacefully, but then he shot Red (group member) while I was present so I shot him, It had nothing to do with payment of any sort, Once Kato found out Bodey was still alive and ran away. We asked question and got where abouts of him. Me and @FruitPunchG took him hostage and told him of what he owed us for the work we did for him prior to the killing of Red. So at that point he understands what he owes us and that it has nothing to do with Red. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Remove the PKing of my character, I'll take the ban because it will give me time to learn from the situation. What could you have done better?: I guess let the situation go because i assumed I was in the right the entire duration of the story arch, Also not strip him down. (Removing 2nd screenshot of same convo)
  2. I was talking to my stream and discord, when I was speaking in discord I would unmute and double mic, If was talking to my stream explaining im not gonna say it ingame because I was not relaying info to my allies. And if someone was watching my stream and using that info its not my fault. And you can watch if i say something and its not ingame i say it twice. I may have slipped up like once or twice. But its kinda hard to accuse me when I was also talking to my stream and then when someone is discord said they were dead I ignored and you can hear me saying that i cant use the info in witch I don't.
  3. -User has been warned for this post-
  4. Check position logs, we had a guy following them. @HartlssHeretic was the one following them before the restart.
  5. So were coming to Kras because we got word that the Liquidators were there and we already have IC beef with them. So we get there as you can see in the video we see them in the barn. when were there RPing with them , @HartlssHeretic then initiates on one of the members in the barn and I can hear it on the radio, wich you can hear because i have it where only i can hear it and not the stream cause i normally am with a group of 5 or more. Then i put my hand up to show I will not shoot. They then kill @FruitPunchG which he had both of his hands up standing still, then you can see he gets shot my an ally then thats where the fight breaks out. Also my Mic was muted almost the entire time , so you can hear me saying things twice because I'm literally talking to myself lol.
  6. So were coming to Kras because we got word that the Liquidators were there and we already have IC beef with them. So we get there as you can see in the video we see them in the barn. when were there RPing with them , @HartlssHeretic then initiates on one of the members in the barn and I can hear it on the radio, wich you can hear because i have it where only i can hear it and not the stream cause i normally am with a group of 5 or more. Then i put my hand up to show I will not shoot. They then kill @FruitPunchG which he had both of his hands up standing still, then you can see he gets shot my an ally then thats where the fight breaks out. Towards the end of the fight a guy pushes up on Kirby, and then he kills him when he was set up in the barn, still unsure if they are all dead.
  7. I will give a full explanation of the entire situation with his character, I'm in a group of contractors, we do work for pay and if not paid you pay with your life (OOC we understand that it does not give us rights but we say it IC as a threat and to build on character), Every person that's signed our contracts have paid up and we've never had a problem. It started in Sverograud, when Bodey, Kenny, and ,Aimess ran a mechanic shop and we were getting contracts from them, and when you accept a contract it is not for the group it is for one person that ask for it, Bodey got multiple contracts from us and we completed, and Bodey insisted that we said it was on the house, when I said "its on the house" It was when I was helping them move when our contract was just to protect them. The next day we hear that Bodey is holding up someone that is apart of our group that had human meat on him, but because Bodey decided to power game and instantly assume it was human flesh he held him up, we came to a compromise and dissolved the situation, Later that day one of our buddies were at there camp in Novo, and Bodey continued to say the our buddy was cannibal, so then he told our guy to leave and he started to walk away, out of VOIP range he was counting and then shot him, I then shot bodey. But then when i was told bodey was still running around, It reminded me that he owed us for our work. The group I'm held up everyone in Novo they gave us info that he had ran away to Cherno. So then me apart of the group down there and found him at the wolfpack camp, I then took him hostage and explained to him what he owed us, as in other reports you can see him telling me what he owes us. So we let him go. He never paid up. So 2 days later we find him in the exact same place (wolfpack camp). When we tried to go and talk to him, he runs inside and then logs, that report is closed but just in case you want a more in-depth explanation. So then we give up cause people were typing OOC saying he logged. I then went on knowing i would find him again. We then did some investigating and the Wolf Pack admitted he was staying with them, they stay in Cernaya Polana, Me and 2 people drive up there to see if hes there, and of course he was there and then he runs into a house and logs again. So today I had a talk with the leader of the WolfPack and I explained that everyone is losing respect for her and the group cause we know they are harboring them, she then gave him up and thats where the video @FruitPunchG posted takes off. We record everything for stuff like this so, if any info is needed it probably recorded by someone. (Just adding the video)
  8. So me and the group I am with were walking down the street in cherno and then a friend of mine come running to me saying they found Bodey in witch I had threatened the day before if he does not bring my weapons he will be killed. Throughout the 24 hours I was msging IC letting him know how long he had left, these are the responses I got witch are OOC. Once we have found him, he decides to run into the wolf-pack base, then he then continues to log. Then once it was confirmed he had logged i sent him an OCC msg on the forums asking if he had logged. I saw some ingame OOC about him holding someone hostage very recently, not sure though.
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    How do you make your tea?

    I go to the fridge and grab a fresh Baja Blast and crack it open and that's how i make my tea
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    Zac got a new face! Jack was happy

    too bad it was one of your boys head hahaha
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  12. So my recording didnt save cause i turned my pc off directly and i wasnt streaming and the thing with me leaving and joining twice is my resolution messed up so i could even use my inv, just for clarification , I saw @trtn standing behid the bush with his hand up or putting them up kinda hard to tell as it was getting dark and the guy beside me just shot him. I then ran around and shot back at them and then i ran.
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    Tag the Member in the Scene

    @Finn @ImDongle Kato and Clyde
  14. Can someone close this, talked with the person ,Solved
  15. Server and location: US , Vybor Town Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-05-01, 00:36 Your in game name: Kato Ito Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I was in Pusto, and it was going dark so i turned my flashlight off, I heard shots at Vybor and so i decided to go over there and see what was going on, i then run into a guy running behind a building across from the police station. He didnt say anything i just asked whats going on he didnt really tell me so i just continued to go across the street after watching the Police station for some time, because some zeds were agroed outside of it, i then decide to move beside the police station. I hear some people talking about they are leaving a house, i goto them and they tell me they have been taken hostage so i look around an i see someone so i move away into another house becuase i did not wanna be apart of the situation, i had my gun flashlight on to look around because it lights up farther then a regular flashlight i walk out onto the road, no one says a single word to me and i then i and lit up, someone owned me and they had no reason to own....
  16. We did not give him a consequence if he did not comply because we didn’t wanna be hostile , then he pushed @trtn and socked him in the face, and that’s when I saw it as a hostile action and put him down, I will admit I did over shoot and probably could’ve only have knocked him out but in the moment I was focused on protecting my ally .
  17. So me and my buddy were at north west airfield at the tents and we were messing around with the guy with a megaphones. After we were done he was looking for my friend when the guy found my friend, My friend told him "you better lay down", after that the guy we were messing with punched him completely ignoring what was said so, the man had a weapon on his back so i was unsure if he was going to start shooting , so i was defending my buddy at that point. (WARNING THERE IS A MEGAPHONE SO TURN AUDIO DOWN) You will have to go to full screen, i cant get it to upload properly.
  18. I never got a notification on the situation, i even was on the page last night, i guess it didnt send me a notification, sorry for not responding any sooner.
  19. My name is Kato Ito, I am a member of the Yakuza , atleast I still think so, I was on a gun run moving heavy military weaponry with a small group of other Yakuza members, we were taveling through South Zagoria, we were coming in to one of the military checkpoints when a Zed started attacking the men and my men fled, I have no idea where they have gone, I'm on the search for my members so hopefully we can continue our mission. I will not stop until my mission is done and will do what ever it take to get it complete.
  20. *Vlad pressing the PTT while sipping a hot cup of coffee* *Is there anyone out there,anybody....?* *waits for response* *If anyone has any information of a close friend of mine, his name was Joseph, He was a quite courageous fella, i just hate to think that some has happend to my dear Joseph* *Releases PTT, as he sets his coffee down to head out on the HUNT for Joseph*
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    A Simpler, Faster, Way of Joining The Server (With additional beginner guide!)

    ive tried all this and it still says bad version
  22. I was born and raised here and Chernaraus. This is my home and i know this place like the back of my hand.
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    I was at the Vybor mil base on the hill and there were russians keeping americans hostage in the Prison building and I walked up behind the person and starting saying put your hands up and he wouldn't move we gave him multiple warnings. I was directly behind him. I could've been out of range of VOIP but im pretty sure i was close enough for him to hear me, and possibly an ally could’ve shot at him from the side but I was directly behind him.
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