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  1. Dongle


    I think maybe little soon to take the we are survivor group that’s looking to bring back peace, there still is an operating military in the country. I’m not sure if I’m just looking at it different but to me 2 months wouldn’t give me an apocalypse vibe. That’s just me. You guys should work on goals add a few more maybe look at some other group pages for example of what I mean by a few more. Great graphics though good luck
  2. Finding pandi with psi was the first time I heard of this server so like 2013 . I was playing dayz on a shit laptop at the time so I hopped on DayzRP so I could lag around and not get KOS’d Joined 2014 been hooked since
  3. get rid of them , only useful for farming black plates now they just "there" not really adding or removing anything from the game play.
  4. The few seconds right after that sweet sweet initiation drops and people are forced to make that decision are you gonna fight or run.
  5. Link to Character: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-2670/ Link to Character Twitter: https://twitter.com/kato_rito My followers are bastards
  6. I agree with regulating but it is more work for staff, it would be easier just to remove base building as a whole. I say everyone leave their safe spaces on the map and move back to the triangle and roleplay with more then your campfire. But on the other hand I do enjoy finding a fat stash and clearing them out then spreading the loot back out.
  7. OKAY this is gonna be fun in 2days and 11hours. been great playing this in-game
  8. Welcome glad you have a good first play session. to many more
  9. Is this flame? What lol? Me telling the guy he’s only scraped the tip of the iceberg in roleplay is flame?
  10. Welcome back, but I think there might be some competition for the radio, I’ve heard a radio DJ In game recently. GOOD LUCK With your travels.
  11. I fuck with this. Good luck @Blisna and co
  12. Welcome to the community man, you will run into much more exhilarating and dangerous situations then that, sounds like a good first day to me but there is much more.
  13. Looks like I gotta take it to the chin.

  14. It was on my second hard drive and I didn't find it until I just got home from work earlier and searched my computer for the video.
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