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  1. Thanks Saradomin, I will re-apply, guess I missed the boat when the website changed! Thank you again too Galaxy.
  2. Thanks Galaxy, when I checked I get this pop up: Sorry, there is a problem Can't find this application Error code: DP4WHITELIST_011 So would this mean a big fat no, and should I re-apply?
  3. I was whitelisted a few years ago, unfortunatly my old gaming pc was sold to fund mobility equipment, I have now come back to gaming and am excited to get into some desolation RP... I was just trying to figure out, before I go ahead and set myself up for an evening of gaming (takes a fair bit of time to get ready) if I am indeed still whitelisted? I have looked at my profile but no mention of it that I can see there, nor have I found any similar questions using the search feature. If someone could tell me how I might check using the browser on my phone or if a mod/admin could confirm my status that woud be great. ATB Handicap Jack
  4. IGN: Jack James. Age: 27. Country: England, Wiltshire. English skills: English is my native language. DayZ Mod Experience:Some, I have more experience in Arma 2 wasteland than the mod itself. DayZ Standalone Experience: Lots. A small team of 3/4 of us have been survivng in the stand alone for coming up to a year now. Roleplaying Experience: I have some RP experience playing DayZ, some on other games but in total I have a good RP background. Most of my RP is drawn from real life experience which enables me to naturaly tell a story. I also write short stories so I believe my creativity helps in developing a character thats enjoyable to play with and interesting to get to know. What kind of In Game role best describes you: I am not a great soldier, allthough I had been one in real life, I am best decribed when talking game roles as a supportive class player. I enjoy providing aid and cover fire with LMG weapons. I am most effective when given some autonomy to plot my own way points whilst covering my team with long range rifle support or stalking hostiles. I prefer to do this in a small 2 to 3 man team. My weakest role is in any infantry situation which involves "run and gun" tactics. I am an observer, a support specialist and tactician... not John Rambo. I am generally a friendly player, though suspisious of new interactions, I enjoy the finer details of gameplay whilst role playing and conversing with my squad, captives or chance travelling companions. Have you been in any clan/group previously:ERM, a small group of gamers that have all been introduced to each other by exhisting members. We make up around 15 individuals and have long stopped applications. This group is currently on going but we have no plans to bring it into DayZ RP servers, at least none untill official release. Additional notes:I would like a to be a part of a group that has a sense of humour but can get the job done when they have an objective. I do not like and refuse to be part of a dictatorship, the group has to be democratic and take on board every members input when organising themselves. This I cant stress enough, if I wanted to be told how to enjoy myself in game I would have set my wife up an account. Best way to contact you: The best way to contact me is through the forum by PM. Backstory:Like any survivor of the world Jack now lived in, he couldnt have lived as long as he had on his own. nor could he without participating in actions that would have been described ciminal in a by gone age when law and order held society together. Jack, a hand full of survivors and the black labarador "Chase" that had followed him from the home they shared in the countryside with his now dead and undead family, eeked out a living from scavaging and the occaisional bit of banditry. Like any group that had been subject to the same trials as the ones Jacks had, the psycology changed to a pack mentality. arguements over leadership and distribution of resources would erupt, paranoia and madness slowly crept in to the members and Jack would be left with a decision... how to get away before they all turned on each other. One night whilst feeding Chase the last of the spoilt meat no longer fit to fight over by the others, Jack was going through some of the spoils from a succesful raid on a local gipsy camp from the night before. He happened across a diary, the handwriting was beautiful, almost artistic. In a world so devoid of art or any expresion other than that of violence and cruelty he turned each page and absorbed that cursive text into his soul. The nights grew longer as the days did cold, reading the diary at night by candle camp fire and glow stick the person whom it once belonged described a place where zombies hadnt completly taken over. small pockets of resistance where successful in protecting a large area of distant land for the most part. A place where dear and wild boar still roamed in number, where you could at least have a chance at a hot meal and a car to drive you to the next... He had to get there, he had to find Chernarus...
  5. Thanks Hatch. Cheers fellas, lol Scarface you could count on many teens and early 20's being devoured by zombies by taking selfies
  6. Thanks LunaBug. I have slapped an application into the system, hopefully its all good and I can get RP-ing soon. I do have one question though... I tried to find the lore of your Chenarus on the website and the wiki is not working for me. Have you a link I can use? its not out of laziness that I ask.. at this point its frustration as im sure im probably missing a big flashing button to hit somewhere!
  7. Hey fellow survivors. I'm very glad to have come across this website, it must be one of the last few left in the world since the dead became hungry. After seeing just how many of you survived I am on my way to Chernarus, it could take a while but I know I'll make it. My name is Jack, and I can't wait to to get know you all.