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  1. Its been a while... Am I still whitelisted?

    Thanks Saradomin, I will re-apply, guess I missed the boat when the website changed! Thank you again too Galaxy.
  2. Its been a while... Am I still whitelisted?

    Thanks Galaxy, when I checked I get this pop up: Sorry, there is a problem Can't find this application Error code: DP4WHITELIST_011 So would this mean a big fat no, and should I re-apply?
  3. Its been a while... Am I still whitelisted?

    I was whitelisted a few years ago, unfortunatly my old gaming pc was sold to fund mobility equipment, I have now come back to gaming and am excited to get into some desolation RP... I was just trying to figure out, before I go ahead and set myself up for an evening of gaming (takes a fair bit of time to get ready) if I am indeed still whitelisted? I have looked at my profile but no mention of it that I can see there, nor have I found any similar questions using the search feature. If someone could tell me how I might check using the browser on my phone or if a mod/admin could confirm my status that woud be great. ATB Handicap Jack