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  1. To Stradic Jones. [open]

    *Shifts slightly in the undergrowth, the unkempt man grumbling under his breath as he listened to the spitting and popping of his worn out old radio. Shaking his head for a moment, he unhooked it from his jacket and held it up to his lips. A gruff voice, hoarse from disuse, grumbled tetchily.* "Bushman here... Been a long time since I heard your voice, Stradic-" *The voice peters off for a moment, replaced by a hacking cough that was quickly muffled behind a bundle of cloth.* "-Good t'know you're...Still kickin', Roamer. As for the first voice out there...Y'can trust Stradic not to fillet you like a fish for bringing up t'Alliance, same as me...If y'need answers, I can't rightly give many, but I'll try m'best." *He hesitated for a moment, roughly clearing his throat before grumbling into the radio once more.* "To the honor o' our ancestors...Bushman out."