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  1. TrilbyAsh

    To Stradic Jones. [open]

    *Shifts slightly in the undergrowth, the unkempt man grumbling under his breath as he listened to the spitting and popping of his worn out old radio. Shaking his head for a moment, he unhooked it from his jacket and held it up to his lips. A gruff voice, hoarse from disuse, grumbled tetchily.* "Bushman here... Been a long time since I heard your voice, Stradic-" *The voice peters off for a moment, replaced by a hacking cough that was quickly muffled behind a bundle of cloth.* "-Good t'know you're...Still kickin', Roamer. As for the first voice out there...Y'can trust Stradic not to fillet you like a fish for bringing up t'Alliance, same as me...If y'need answers, I can't rightly give many, but I'll try m'best." *He hesitated for a moment, roughly clearing his throat before grumbling into the radio once more.* "To the honor o' our ancestors...Bushman out."
  2. TrilbyAsh

    The Roamers (Currently Recruiting)

    Praise be the lovable Aussies that invited me into their busom. ...Their disgusting hairy meatmen busoms. Happy birthday, you mad drongos! Don't go too mad down at the bottle-o, eh?
  3. Nicely detailed guide! I appreciate you including my guide in this. <3
  4. Radio Altar has already got dibs on the Radio Station. That aside, why not do something a little different? Don't be predictable. Don't hold one spot for your trading. Hold it EVERYWHERE. Pop up traders, man. One day you'll pop up and be at Devil's Castle. The next you could show up at Tisy. Then after that, Green Mountain. With the current boost to the Walkie Talkie's range (Full map coverage, more or less), you can jump from point to point on the map each day and use one to pull in the punters. That way, groups and people within different areas will be closer or further away to you each day, meaning you'll get a wider variety of customers...And it makes it pretty damned tricky for the Bandits to suss out where your actual trading stock is hidden. You get robbed one day? Big whoop! You were at Green Mountain that day and your stash is actually down by Berezino. Ain't no way your trading position can be linked back to your stash. Don't be the same-old same-old, buddy. Be the roaming trader everyone has always dreamed of doing (Assuming they're not dreaming of ambushing said roaming trader on a dusty road...)
  5. Welcome! Since you're new to Roleplaying in DayZ specifically, I would like to highly recommend this guide for you. http://www.dayzrp.com/t-A-Basic-Roleplaying-Guide ...It's a shameless self promotion, I know, but no-one seems to actually link the sod to people new to RPing on DayZ so I might as well do it myself! Hope it helps!
  6. TrilbyAsh

    Walkie Talkies

    I was one of the guys testing with Stradic. I posted my findings on the http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Radio-broadcast-distance thread last weekend.
  7. I figured now was as good a time as any to bring back this nostalgic blast of awesome. Enjoy oldies! And to you new lot, this is the reason why half of us oldies are insane. [video=youtube]
  8. Sorry Lemons, but even if you had the requested money, I wouldn't want you to die in a few years of a fatal disease. You cannot be the right one. Okay.. My curiosity got the better of me but why the fuck do you want someone with deadly diseases? Lmao I believe the phrases "Inheritance" and "Next of Kin" apply.
  9. *Cocks an eyebrow as he catches the transmission, his fingers slowly squeezing down on the transmit button.* "Two hundred rounds for a bandana? Boy, you sure are generous...You ever need any more of those things, I've got about three sittin' pretty in my camp! Those lucky bastards over there will be laughin' with glee at your foolishness, lad...Two hundred bullets for t'sake of vanity? Hah!" *Still chuckling, he releases the transmission button and goes back to his business, shaking his head with disbelief.*
  10. We would have tested further afield but my energy tanked into nothingness and I went off to sleep. I did some distancing checkes from Altar to every corner of the map and they all fall within the minimum range. You should very easily be able to contact people camping out on Skalisty or Prison Island. One thing I did notice however as we tested... The longer the distance we reached, the poorer the quality of the transmission was. The static squelch became more and more prevalent, but we could still understand each other 95% of the time. Not to mention, people can talk over each other inadvertently, since it picks up Direct chat around the radio holder. Text chat suffers distortion at the long range as well. There's a bug as well where sometimes people will lose the ability to hear transmissions coming from radios in their inventories. I've found that the only real "fix" is to place the radio on the ground or give it to someone else. It can however still broadcast without issue. Hope all that info helps you with your Altar project buddy! We'll continue testing ranges when we can, but that's mostly to see if people on the coast can contact people at the height of the map. ^.^
  11. We did the testing on S2. As for making use of it, you turn it on and you hit the , or . keys to switch it to the Radio chat. That lets you broadcast. If anyone is in range, they will hear you. You don't need to have it in your hands. In fact, you can even broadcast from an active radio that's on the floor -and- still hear what's being said in response. You need to make sure you have a good battery that's got a high charge, and that the radio is worn or pristine. Damaged ones are very very unreliable. (Mixed reports on them working and not working). Radio broadcasts are server specific by the way. Would be insane if you could talk cross-server.
  12. Lovec and the Roamers have been doing tests tonight and we can confirm that the range on Radios is MINIMUN 9km. We're still testing at the minute so we'll let you know if there's any maximum range. But as it stands, anyone close to the center of the map should be able to contact someone anywhere on the map. EDIT: Testing has continued. 11km range, and we're still able to contact one and another. Full map coverage is very likely.
  13. I wrote this back in the Mod says, when people would use Direct to OOC a lot. Back then, Direct would aggro zombies in such a huge radius it was completely unteneable to RP properly in zombie-populated spots. Cutting out the OOC chatter in Direct-Voice helped a lot to prevent getting swarmed to death.
  14. TrilbyAsh

    The Kingdom

    It seems weird to see the name "The Kingdom" in a Zombie game, considering http://walkingdead.wikia.com/wiki/The_Kingdom_(Comic_Series) TWD has a faction named as such. I can't help but think of TWD whenever I see this...And Game of Thrones, seeing the name "King Joffery". Also...Why is your Frequency "LEET"? Seems weird.
  15. Yeah. What Charlie said RE this. Find some form of excuse. If you're desperate to go, just tell people OOCly that you desperately need to go and they should be pretty accomodating. Just try and hold off doing it without an IC reasoning unless it's a seriously desperate dash-away style thing. Make sure to do leaving excuses in text though. You never know when someone might misinterpret it as a combat log.