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  1. Shocked to Death.

    Thats some funny shit hahahha
  2. Military clothing and weaponry

    This +1 mate I like to get in my role. Since my guy was a 1% MC member i dont use high gadget rifles. I use self fed rifles and pistols. I went to mili base and saw loads of military clothing even the jackets with 6 slots. But choose my Rider jacket that is damaged above all the other stuff. Becouse for me being my charachter is above all else
  3. Military clothing and weaponry

    Well i'm not in the same boat. with you on all of that. Maybe a some camo clothing for wearing that is okay. But when you meet people full camo + vest + best backpack+ ak47+military helmet+baclava it doesnt make any sense. If a zombie apocalypse happend in real life i would have almost zero chance of getting such stuff in real life. Thats why i tend to play dayz like i would act in real life. But I hate it the most when you meet a guy having all the things i counted on him and he says he used to be a "hobo" or "pizza guy" if you get my point. How in hell does a pizza delivery man learns how to shoot a drum mag of AK47 and carry all that weight around for days. And in the end u also have the "IM AMERICAN NAVY SEAL DROPPED DOWN HERE FROM A HELI IM UNSTOPABLE. MURICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" types wich I despise. So from my view theres too many military people around wich still shows that loot is better than RP.
  4. you could just start a skinhead gang
  5. if you mean like "Nazis" or skinheads i think that idea is great. If you could establish an order like the did during WW2 and have everyone wear armbands and certain uniforms that would be great. But i do not know how far you can go with the racist stuff in game.
  6. Crazy RPers

    Basicly i meet a couple and it was great. I think the best way to act like a crazy man is not to show it if you know what i mean. Per say u are totaly normal but when u hear a zombie or shootin or something that triggers it you know. So people dont know about your problems the moment they see you. They don't know what goes around in your head
  7. What is your favorite/go to "outfit"?

    -brown cargo pants -Rider jacket -beanie hat -baseball bat -and a revolver -black aviators -military boots
  8. Lots of reports?

    I play on the RP becouse of interaction. Don't really give a shit if I get robbed when i meet people. To me it is all about the story and the RP. I dont mind if i dont have top military gear and stuff like that. If i didnt want to get shot i could just go on an empty server and play there. So i dont totaly agree with the whole "avoid everyone mentality" becouse if u applied to RP that means you want to have interaction with people. Well that is my look on it so... Don't really know why you would whitelist on a RP server just so you could loot in peace
  9. Character Jobs/Professions

    Mine was a criminal kinda. He was in a 1% MC club so yeah. Thats kinda his profession
  10. Animal Companions

    When dogs are implemented as companions. I can imagine how one day someone will shoot your dog and you will just go John Wick on them with a 1911 and leave noone alive. Can't wait for all them John Wicks
  11. Mikhail Fajdiga -Typical biker- Leather jacket, backpack doesnt really matter, doesnt use assult rifles. If i do use a mosin i cut the barrel off. But my favorite weps are handguns and shotguns. He doesn't really give a s*** about the others if he doesn't benefit from it. He has a big mouth
  12. zed

    Well its not like this is a zombie survival game.
  13. hero or bandit?

    If i had to choose my guy is more anti-hero but things he sees in the land of Cherno kinda wants to make him a bad guy
  14. Software which can change your voice

    You can always go on in the place where pirate ships are anchored. *cough* *cough*