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  1. He was born in South Boston (often referred to as "Southie"), in the spring of 2044. His parents were young and still full of hope. His mother was in an incident, leaving her crippled and unable to walk. He often tended to his mother as a young child, as his father was off "Fighting for what's ours". As the boy grew, rumors spread about the "New Home", His father called it a "Fools Dream", While his mother would daydream of such a place... One day whilst bringing his mother down to the Traders Market near his home, they bumped into an old friend of his moms. She told them of a ship that was new to Southie hiring young boys like himself, they were fishing for Cod Fish. Jumping with joy thinking to himself "I'll finally be able to really help my mom", Begged if he could go. His mother's friend offered to assist her home, and insisted on letting the boy go. His mother agreed, and off he ran!!! Once on the boat, he quickly realized this was a mistake. The captain and crew of the ship, made the boy work long and hard hours. He got little to no sleep, and was only given food once every 3 days. This continued on for a few years, still the boy was about 13 years old. Till one day the ship docked in Portugal. He did not know the language, So the boy mostly stayed to himself. But while unloading the ships haul and bringing crates to shore, He overheard a man say "Nyheim". The boy dropped the crate, breaking and spilling fish into the dirt. The captain hollered for his crew to punish the boy, As the crew beat the boy, he met the gaze of the "Nyheim" man... Later that night the Boy escaped off the ship, and began his search for the Man. Dipping and Ducking in and out of alleys, trying to remain unseen. He knows some of the crew are in town drinking, and most avoid them at all cost. As he is passing the street which the Bar is on, He sees 2 of the crew laughing and stumbling his direction. So, he quickly turns to run around the corner, Slamming right into the "Nyheim" man!! The boy fell onto his back, and looked up in shock. The 2 Crew members look ahead and see the boy laying on the ground, they point and yell "Hey Reggie! Get over here!". The boy looks to the crew, then back at the Man. "Nyheim" the boy says, the man quickly helps the boy up, and they just RUN. It feels like they have been running forever at this point, when suddenly the Man stops and grabs the boy and begins yelling. They soon realize they cannot speak each other's language. Both are scared and frustrated, but they continue their journey to "Nyheim". It's been 10 years, 10 long years of being lost, hunted, hungry, and tired since the boy landed in Portugal. He's 26 now, and he and the man who saved him all those years ago can understand each other better. They've made great progress towards Nyheim, but have hit a few bumps along the way. The man's name was Jose, he was actually from Spain. He was in Portugal, in search of his little brother that had left home to search for a better life. He wished to bring his little brother to Nyheim, but instead was "dado otro". But finally, they were close! They were stopped by Hunter, who had asked where they were traveling. They stated "Nyheim", the hunter replied with a chuckle "Alright, be safe". They got about 700m down the road, and Jose fell to the ground. A single gunshot echoed the long-abandoned road. Reggie dropped to his knees, begging Jose to get up "We gotta go man, get the f**k up!". Another shot whizzes by Reggie's face, snapping against the tree beside him. Faced with the worst, Reggie had to abandon the man that saved him. Running... Again... Will the running ever stop?
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