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  1. His father once was a young Russian SVR Zaslon officier and his mother was an humble French teacher, that was a long time ago, after society collapsed, his father abandonned his duty to protect his wife, they did their best to stay alive, and in the midst of the apocalypse, Simon was brought to this world, when all hope was fading away, the miracle of life occured, unfortunatly his mother died in labor, the lack of medical facilities sealed her faith but his father did not give up, he raised and protected Simon, he taught him and prepared him for the world he would have to face, showed him how to hunt, showed him first aid and taught him everything he knew, camoflage, firearms, military tactics, everything he knew from his ZASLON militaty experience. When Simon was 22 years old, his father got very sick, Simon did his best to keep him alive... but one morning, he woke up to find a note from his father, a note telling him "My Son, These are my last words for you, i want you to be strong and good, you need to be a light for those in need during these dark times, these things i taught you, i want you to put them to good use, do not be a part of the problem, this world has too many, go and make me proud, i will always be by your side. i'm sorry..." So Simon after a few weeks of grief decided to follow his path and do his best to stay alive and give a true purpose to his life, the rest is to come...
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