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  1. Geff Gefferson was born in Trondheim to a British family, travelling as a small group consisting of 3 adults and 4 children, raised as a Wastelander, his group roamed the lands venturing deep into the wildest terrains mainland Europe could offer, avoiding the larger settlements and cities, instead poaching supplies from nature and smaller settlements around the continent. Geff and the other children learned as much as they could during these trips to what remained, picking up old books along the way, escaping the harsh realities of their world through literature. Whilst surviving off the fat of the land and learning to be self-sufficient, Geff was thrust into a kind of survival he had never hoped to face when his group was separated passing the Øvre Dividal National Park. Geff, alone with his teenage companion, Brin, would continue their press towards the nearest settlement, Nyheim. During this testing time Geff adopted a parental role, looking after Brin and leading the duo to the North. Rarely entering villages, settlements or interacting with groups as a pair they pressed on, isolated from the dangers of the Wasteland. Whilst making the final push of the journey towards Nyheim Brin failed to return from a gathering trip and after days of searching Geff pressed on to Nyheim with the small hope he would find not just Brin, but the rest of his family.
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