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  1. Hugo Schmitt was born in England to a German family who moved to the UK post-WWII and have lived in England for multiple generations since. Hugo's father was a very cold man with a history in the military, Hugo grew up being held to the same standards as those in the army. Waking at daybreak and running drills. While born in Coventry, Hugo and his father moved to Portsmouth when his mother died. Hugo's mother was the only source of love and warmth in his life, with her and that warmth left with her. Arriving in Portsmouth Hugo was put straight to work with his Father in the dockyard, quickly learning how to fix the ships that come back from sea hauling cargo. It wasn't long after his mother passing (5 years) that Hugo's father also passed, now at the age of 19, Hugo was taken in by one of the captains that frequented the dock, having built a rapport with the young man realising his potential, discipline and drive, in no small part to his father's army like childhood regime. Hugo happily accepted this offer, as it was a chance to see the world, or at least another dockyard or 2 and nothing was left for him in the static life of the dockyard. Hugo sailed with the captain for many years, rising in the ranks, becoming the 2nd in command of the shipping vessel. The Captain hailing from Nyheim, Norway. He was a cold man much like Hugo's father but was always kind to the young man. Hugo's time at sea had made him strong, organised and tenacious, hauling cargo and deliveries from the UK up to Scandinavia. One night over a hard liquor the captain shared his story with Hugo, explaining his family at home and his last remaining son 'Eirik'. The captain had become estranged from Eirik over an argument about his mother. He confined in Hugo, passing on a letter he had written for his son many years ago but never had the heart to post or pass on, he asked if Hugo would deliver this letter to his son upon their next docking in Norway. The Captain succumbed to flu one stormy night, Hugo took command of the ship and set sail for Norway, to do as he had promised. Once docked Hugo travelled to Nyheim with the captain's letter to find and deliver it to Eirik.
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