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  1. Thanks for the assists Sin and Vesper, I've made the tweaks and put in the application; so will just have to wait to see now!
  2. NLR Example: You are held up by a couple of bandits, but their amateurish approach leads you to think you can get the best of them. You make a quick move and manage to kill them both, but are shot in the process and you fall into unconsciousness before being able to treat yourself and shortly thereafter die. Due to the NLR you are not allowed to head back to the area for an hour, nor can you tell anyone where the 3 bodies are nor what loot could be harvested from them. Further to this, when you respawn, you happen to run into one of the bandits who had held you up. By NLR you have no memory of your hold up and death though and therefore you cannot take any revenge or deign them hostile unless they prove themselves so anew. KoS Examples: Contact/Acknowledgement Example: Not all acknowledgements are through direct chat responses. You may state to a player that you plan to initiate a hostile act against him, and he may immediately dive into cover upon hearing your warning and pull out his gun. In such a situation, it would be reasonable to take that as an acknowledgement. Custody Example: An example of how you must protect those in your custody would be if you have captured a player and handcuff him, you take all his gear and mean to leave the area well in advance of him being able to break free from his restraints. However as you're about to leave, you see that a zombie has aggro'ed on him. Since it takes some time to break free from restraints, the player would not have a fair chance at survival unless you protect him by killing the zombie before leaving. Backstory I was purposefully vague about his military service because it's something the character refuses to talk about and avoids thinking about wherever possible. I'll make sure I add something to clarify this fact that people are meant to be guessing. Was he some sort of special forces elite, or what he from a part-time reserve unit sent in because forces were stretched so thin? Likewise regarding the details of his mission, as the apparent lone survivor, in a far off land, the idea is you're not supposed to know much, and you'll only learn of where it is he refuses to approach by playing along with him and getting to that area! Again, I'll try to ensure I spell out this intention.
  3. Hi everyone, due to my own error in interpretation, I burned 2 of my 3 application attempts using the wrong ruleset! (The site has recently updated, so please be aware I am basing my application on the rules which are NOW posted.) As such I'd appreciate any experienced eyes for my final go at it, as I'll be blacklisted if I now fail. Many thanks to anyone willing to take the time. New Life Rule: Whenever you die you immediately "forget" the events that led to your death. Where you were, what gear you had, how you died, even where you saw other enemies are all "forgotten" the moment you are killed. This naturally means that you cannot share this information with anyone either therefore. You are also not allowed to take revenge against anyone once you have died (even if they weren't involved in your death). You cannot return to the area of your death for at least one hour (regardless of server resets) and cannot recover or mess with any gear from your body or anyone else involved in your death. Though you forget the events that led to your demise, you still maintain knowledge of any groups, friends, enemies and others you've come across before that. Kill on Sight: Shooting at players on sight is forbidden and you can only ever take another player's life if it is justified by your and their role play. To take hostile action against a player you must first establish contact and ensure that the other player has acknowledged you. You must make it clear to the player of your hostile intent or let the player know that you will use hostile force should they fail to comply with you (in this case, you must communicate the orders/demands that they must comply with). Acts of revenge are permitted for up to 2 hours after any hostile action against you occurred (providing there is no conflict with other rules, such as NLR). Players (usually bandits) who in any manner take control or custody of another player are responsible for the life and well being of that player. Captured players may only be executed if they fail to comply with demands or pose a direct threat, although some in character reasons may also be acceptable justification (such as capturing an enemy group member). It is permitted to cause harm to captured players, however you must leave co-operating players in an adequate state that they would have a reasonable chance to survive if freed and left. Whenever engaging in hostility (but especially when taking revenge) it is vital to positively identify your target/s. If you're not sure that the player you're looking at is hostile, then it is better to hold fire. Engineering situations to attempt to "bait" other players or groups into hostility is not permitted. Examples of this could where you come across a group of players, and send a "bambi" to provoke them, which you in turn use as provocation to consider them all hostile. A further example would be leaving a weapon out on the road and waiting for someone to pick it up, using this act to class them a thief and therefore take hostile action. Backstory: As a former member of the military, Ned was dropped into this alien land as the world fell apart around him. Far from home, he quickly came to realise there was no hope of return. In the madness of the fall, he was separated from his unit and forced to flee, not from zombies, but desperate civilians and infected. Ned assumes he is the last of his unit still alive, but in truth has no idea and is haunted by this. Desperate and broken from the horrors he has had to face up until now, he has retreated into the woods, using his survival skills and training to stay alive. His unit's original mission had been to protect and extract an important diplomatic staff member and his family who were on vacation in the area at the time of the collapse, but the rapidity in which the world fell apart left that goal in tatters. Ned cannot bare to approach this part of the map and stays well clear at all times, guilt stricken and terrified of what he might find. Ned has slowly gotten to know the lay of his new land, but in reality is barely getting by. Can this broken man be brought back from the brink by the kindness of a stranger? Or will he be pushed over the edge by the nature of this new world? Why You Want To Join? I have been playing DayZ Standalone for about 5 months now, I own ARMA2 but haven't played the mod. I really enjoy playing DayZ for the interesting and varied way in which people behave and interact, I also think that the perma-death of characters in this kind of game world creates an almost unique feel to the game that is unrivaled elsewhere. I don't have any experience of role playing in games, however I have been a member of a hero clan Beck's Privateers since getting DayZ. We play the game with a strict set of rules of engagement in which we never open fire on a player until he has proven himself hostile. In this sense I have been semi-role playing since getting the game as banditry seemed much duller in comparison to the challenge of hero play.
  4. As earlier stated, I did exactly what you describe and had a browse around the forums a little before applying. I'm glad to see that some changes have been made, I think that this will ensure that no other users fall into the same trap as me. Good to see a leadership that listens to feedback from new voices. I think it's a very promising sign when a community recognises that outsiders and new members tend to bring a different perspective on issues. Such perspectives can be invaluable at times, although of course not necessarily all the time! Anyway, time to get working on my last application attempt, I hope to be able to join you all in game soon (fingers crossed).
  5. Yes, I was already aware of that one, as stated from the beginning, I'd incorrectly assumed this was simply outdated, I was asking where else it was mentioned in the literature, or should someone be expected to search the forums to successfully apply? I'm simply coming from the viewpoint of a new user who may be blacklisted due to this confusion. I wouldn't want other players to run into the same problem if that isn't the intention and especially if there's a simple fix.
  6. Could you point me to where else it is mentioned, I didn't spot it. I read through both rule sets, the whitelist instructions, the FAQ, had a little look at some news and checked out a few forums posts in the SA section (and obviously took heed of my application rejection guidance). I must have missed the other places in which it is mentioned, if it's obviously stated in a number of other spots and I've just been a muppet then I'll happily modify my feedback. The only other place I found it discussed was in the support forums.
  7. I can only speak for myself, but as an outsider looking in, it is far from clear. Perhaps to a longstanding community member it is naturally obvious, but to my perspective, far from it. A single message on a single web page with no mention of it anywhere else (except if you search support forums) might be enough for some, but it is not even included in the FAQ section, nor did my rejection guidance pick up on the clearly different rulesets. My assumption was actually that someone had forgotten to change the message simply because the existing pass phrase system relied on the mod rule set and you therefore needed people to read through that to find it. Please don't take this response as being argumentative, I am simply giving my feedback regarding my experience as a new user attempting to join your community. If the confusion is by deliberate design, then as I've said, fair play. However if it is not deliberate, I think something should be done about it.
  8. I based my original application on the SA ruleset as I've never even played the mod (I assumed the little message at the top was just out of date and someone had forgot to remove it), which I've obviously learnt from this support forum to be a mistake. When I received my guidance I was simply informed that key issues were missing (not that I was clearly using the wrong ruleset) so simply combed through the SA rules again to ensure I was covering all the bases and was of course rejected again therefore (with the exact same response, it's at that point I came to the support forums). The delays and wasted time are a little frustrating I suppose, but I'm more concerned that this means I only have 1 attempt to apply using the correct ruleset (so if I mess up in any way, I guess gg all). Is this convolution regarding rulesets a deliberate part of the screening process that I have failed miserably? If so then fair enough, if not then an obvious suggestion would be to make the SA rules only available to existing members. If they are not in effect then they are presumably only posted for all to see so that the community can engage in their development? By making the access members only, this would ensure that goal is still met while avoiding any further casualties to my error of assumption.