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  1. no mike hunt was a linebacker for the greenbay packers for three seasons in the 70's
  2. I was banned from the EU server for my characters name "Mike Hunt" it apparently is inappropriate? I was told to check the rules and diddnt find anything on names, along with that if it was inappropriate why was application not rejected when I listed that as my characters name?
  3. Oh lol thought I had to keep switching trees Wait what happened to my avatar?
  4. Yea I ended up finding an apple after looking through 50 trees...still starved to death looks like I'm going to become one with nature
  5. Well thanks for the assist guys much appreciated
  6. I know that its still in alpha but when I was playing yesterday I wasnt having this much trouble find food or really any loot for that matter thanks for the clear up about the night thing...but yea the constant hearing people eat and drink stuff hasn't happened to me before today eithef
  7. It was night when I logged off 2 hours ago its still night now.... On top of that there's no food or drink and I keep hearing people eat and drink stuff even though I'm I'm the middle of a field around no one
  8. my app got rejected for the same thing...well at least i dont have to clutter up the forum making a new thread about why and thanks for answering the questions for me
  9. Hello fellow survivors i have recently submitted my white list application and cannot wait to get this show on the roadd