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  1. Thank you. No, I don't think he did eat me. I think he would've if he had a knife or something, but he died in the end.
  2. I couldn't stop him from feeding me worms because I was unconcious, in his effort to help me he made me worse.
  3. I'm new to the forums and I put it in media because it says "Videos, screenshots and other DayZRP related content you'd like to share with the community." and this is something I'd like to share with the community.
  4. So I met this guy called Elijah Gregory, we had plans to have our own farm, we were gunna farm tomatoes and fish, we were gunna hunt and pick apples. We were gunna "Live of the fatta the land". This all grinded to a halt when we were starving, all we did was look for food but didn't find anything. Then I became unconcious. He kept reassuring me that I was going to survive. I'm pretty sure he kept on feeding me worms too. He kept talking to me. He said at one point "Ellis, if you die. I hope I have permission to eat your body." he also was unsure if to let me starve to death or put me out of my missery, I eventually died... Good luck Elijah, keep on fightin' man! I had a great experience with this guy, I won't forget it. -Ellis Monroe.