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  1. Roster Ollie Ritz Willim Moretti Background The Hunters Commune, originally Chernarus Hunting Adventures was a hunting and survival tours outfit operated by American expatriate Oliver Ritz before the world ended. Since the first days of the outbreak, Ollie and his final tour group have banded together to scratch out a living and survive the end of the world. Group Culture Everything belongs to the group, no one has personal property. Decisions are made in a committee. We will make reasonable attempts to help outsiders. Survival of the group comes first. We are not thieves, nor are we murderers. Anyone who crosses that line will be exiled. We are not a military organization, we are professional survivalists, hobby hunters and wildlife tourists. Dress accordingly. How to Apply PM Cerberuscx On the forums. Include a brief synopsis of the character and how he/she came to be in the commune. You can also find us in game. Scour the woods in the North eastern quarter of the map and you may find the Commune.
  2. The best way to become familier is to just use the maps from the internet for a few months and make it a point to travel around the map and go to places you would never usually go. You may never know ever back road or village but after a while you will know all the major routes by heart.
  3. I had a guy try and kill me with a hammer or something because he wanted to eat me. At the time I thought his laughing was just the guy being crazy over VOIP. From that point on every person who laughs like that I come across gets a gun to the face and told to leave or get legged. Thats my response to cannibalism.
  4. Fortunately my best defense against the KOSers just happens to be the normal behavior of my character. He is a hunter and avoids human contact when possible. I've watched several groups of people from the bushes at NWAF and try and play as cautious and untrusting when I actually do have to talk. Unfortunately I have a 30 round AKM magazine and have been trying to trade one for a 1911 magazine which has forced me to approach several people with trade proposals. One thing I have been doing is queing up shadow play whenever I have player interaction. Its incredibly light weight for a video capture program. I only lose maybe 1 or 2 frames from running it.
  5. Its just a time of day thing, the US server spends most of the US prime full and the EU server spends most of the EU prime time full. Its honestly just a question of whether or not you enjoy playing with more or less people.
  6. *facepalm ZombieHunter brought up a great point. It never even dawned on any of us to even tell him about the sniper. We were so worried about having the element of surprise if this guy had backup that we were blind to that approach.
  7. Would it really be reasonable or even smart to run through 1-200 meters of streets, having to kill zombies just to get our only gun in position to approach him with a proper amount of force. I would honestly argue that in rare circumstances, a bullet is better RP than a conversation. In that time it would have taken Lecky to maneuver into position, Willim would have had no eyes on him save mine, I'm unarmed if you remember. Lecky would have also had to deal with zombie threats on the way to him and the possibility of running into this guys back up if he had any. I'm not trying to sound like I'm fishing for the desired answer or arguing a point but one of these characters are brothers and honestly, not taking the shot would be farther from character in this situation than anything else.
  8. As started in the post, we were all playing together before this began, the person on top of the hospital was probably about 100-200 meters away but did hear Willim over the walkie. Anyone with a reasonable amount of intelligence would know that their friend was being held up at gun point or at least held up.
  9. This is a scenario which occurred earlier tonight and had me and my friends been more clear on the rules, we would have used a more lethal solution if we could have. All of us run with walkies on the same channel and switch to them when communicating with potential hostile people so we have in character knowledge of whats going on with the others in the group when we are separated. My group, totaling 3, including my self, came into a town tonight. We split up and began looting. My self and Willim, a group member searched the buildings in the towns square while Lecky, the 3rd man went to the hospital to look for bandages. After about 20 minutes of searching, Willim walked openly through the square to get to the buildings on the other side. When he was about half way across, a man with a rifle exited one of the buildings and ordered Willim to put his hands on his head and drop his weapon. Willim complied and put his hands on his head and began talking over the walkie saying stuff like "okay, my guns on the ground, you have all the power here." Anyone hearing the walkie talkie at this point would know that the man in the square with Willim was not friendly. This is where the confusion arose. I was entirely unarmed save for a pitch fork which is woefully inadequate for knocking someone out, thus, I chose not to come to his aid because I did not feel like being hostage #2. Lecky on the other hand, was now on top of the hospital with a scoped Mosin and a clear view of the guy. After a small amount of deliberation over steam chat we decided to let the guy have his way with Willim and not to shoot unless he kills or injures Willim. Had we known if lethal force were with in our rights at this point, Lecky would have shot this guy in the head about 2 or 3 minutes into the encounter. Instead we let the guy play out his robbery and never made ourselves known. The only real sensible solution to this was either trust that the guy with a gun to my friends head was not going to hurt him and let him rob Willim or shoot the bandit first. I know I potentially just admitted to a bit of meta-gaming by saying we did discuss the situation over a 3rd party communication program but we used it to ensure we did not violate a rule which we were unsure of.
  10. Been here for about a week. Never been KOSed and have yet to be held up by anyone. Only one guy has tried to kill me and it was pathetic ahh I'm a cannibal I'm gonna eat you thing. my character acts cautiously so avoiding people or running away when someone calls out to me is just part of the character.
  11. No, it was literally just some guy who I passed by on the road, said something along the lines of. "Hello stranger, any any news from the north? No? Alright, have a safe trip." then whack.
  12. I don't think slaver would be the correct term to use but everyone saying that this early on in the time line no one would be capturing people have a bit too much faith in humanity in survival situations. People in the developed world take other people hostage because the power goes out for a couple of days, much less the complete break down of society. A hurricane hits and people who are not even starving go at eachothers throats with baseball bats over Cheetos and Mountain Dew. There are perfectly believable role play situations where someone might take a hostage and decide to never release them given the belief that the world will never truly go back to normal. They might not bare the name slave, but they might effectively be one. Without the threat of punishment or the pressure of social constraint, the crazies come out.
  13. Honestly, I had no idea there was cannibalism until last night. I thought the guy who was laughing like a mad man in Cherno last night was using his mic over direct to just be weird or something. We spoke for a few minutes and as I was running away he hit me in the back with a hammer yelling "I'm gonna eat you AHHHH!! FOOD AHHH!" I turned around and shot him once. From this point on If someone is laughing like that and they approach me I'm going to raise my weapon and tell them to leave or I'll shoot them.
  14. Thats a shame if it is. The pot and stove are taking up a ton of unnecessary space if true.
  15. I'm new here but I felt like I should take a moment to thank the last guy I came across. We met for but a trice, but your bacon saved my life. You came up to me holding an AK-74u with no magazine while on a paved road going north out of Gorka and asked if I had a 1911 magazine for trade. In the end, you gave me 2 cans of bacon for the road. That was the last food I saw for about 4 or 5 hours save an apple from a tree and couple of blue berries. I was about dead from starvation by the time I found anything else. No idea who you are. Thanks bro, keep fighting the good fight. Anyway, finally got a mosin, gas stove, pot and a machete. Time to go live in the bush and hope I never see you again; no offence.