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    happy christmas wartax

  2. This is it chief. I don't think I need to explain anymore.
  3. One of you guys said hello back Simple answer. It was longer than 2 seconds like you had previously stated
  4. You are separate individuals you going non compliant doesn't effect them. meaning going non-complaint has nothing to do with them being non compliant. Also looks like you don't know the rules. There is no rule stating I have to have a reason to initiate . On top of that you were with a group of foreigners. I am a Cherno-Russian nationalist... I don't like foreigners.
  5. My pov: I gave @Redfox700 ample time to comply after @ExoticRP initiated. we gave them time to comply so we could see what they were doing, but it was obvious that they were not going to comply so I open fire. we initiated because of the clown mask. @Banshee you opening fire doesn't mean that they didn't comply.
  6. Money is tight? should of invested.
  7. Awww... The only one I cared to see set sails. I hope you find what you are looking for.
  8. - user was warned for this post -
  9. If you think @JimRP is a problem then you really got it wrong CHIEF. Bye Bye...
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