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    happy christmas wartax


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  3. He was born in Puerto Rico moved to the U.S at the age of 8. He went to College for business management and started an international arms dealing company. He was very good at networking and was able to get deals within Takistan. This was one of his major goals for his business along side of building a fortune. He sold arms to both sides of the fence the U.S and the Insurgent forces in Takistan. His hope for his business was to wipe out the whole of the Muslim faith or to force them to renounce their religion. After making the company self sufficient. He moved to Takistan for another venture. This was the forming of a PMC group to work undercover and kill more Muslims. They worked under U.S contracts to make money and keep inconspicuous he did the same there and moved down south to Chernarus to go back home to the U.S but got stuck as the outbreak happened.
  4. @G19RP If we're good he lets us play the Xbox.

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      it rubs the lotion in its skin

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      @groovy tonyRP Only real ones know

  5. This is it chief. I don't think I need to explain anymore.
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