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  1. He wants hostile role-players eradicated . None of anyone's back and forth will make him change his mind. I honestly think he's even going the way of scripted roleplay. If you want an genuine Role play experience , having fun , and something exciting your looking in the wrong place it has become boring uninspirational and stale RP. If you go in game it is very stagnate currently. It will continue to be this way because it's @Roland's Community and this is where he wants it to head.
  2. VictusRP

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Finally. It has taken so long.
  3. VictusRP

    Quick website suggestions

    Can we get a quick server suggestions thread then?
  4. VictusRP

    Quick website suggestions

    How about you bring back dynamic groups. in dayzrp.com/rules
  5. This was way before the incident and is not relevant. There is also text before this missing from others.
  6. He was walking into tents at the Church. I had met him on the road in front of the church. I talked to him for a bit. Then I said I was going to go take a nap. Then I came out after a minute and he was in the Morreti compound stealing from it. He was caught by Brandon. When he came out the compound I initiated on him and took him for stealing along for the helmet. I didn't like the helmet because it makes him look like he put effort into making his outfit which was black. And I know what the Black Roses wear so I took him in for questioning. They found out it was the BR freq om hid radio. We also took him the day before by altar I believe. My suspicions were correct and he was one of their members. Along Louie tells us to always double check people in town since numerous times people would blend in and lie and then try to kill us happened at Lopatino in the past and happened at the summit. Anarchys job is security we protect the area.we usually check for radios and check the frequency. We have had Black Roses hostage multiple times we have know their frequency.
  7. It hurts.. It hurts a lot.
  8. VictusRP

    The G19 and GroovyTonys Gay Love Thread.

    My song to you at the wedding.
  9. VictusRP

    The G19 and GroovyTonys Gay Love Thread.

    @G19RP @groovy tonyRP I see y'all I'm happy you are both happy.
  10. OOOOOF.PNG.417e2df8de38d60e61851237a55632d6.PNG



    1. Eagle


      Dude stop being edge.

    2. LouieRP


      you are legit not helping at all. 

    3. groovy tonyRP
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    5. Oliv


      You're gonna wanna knock this off, real quick

  11. VictusRP

    Svoboda Movement

    What is this??? Oof Never seen anything like this. Interesting.
  12. VictusRP

    God Bless The United States Of America

    @Wyoming Big brother is the term we use for the government. And you need to add that UK is 5 times more violent.
  13. VictusRP

    God Bless The United States Of America

    @Harvey Your pride in defending allies will destroy you. They will turn on you when you least expect it. It's the way of humans my friend. Greed is one of our ultimate flaws.
  14. VictusRP

    God Bless The United States Of America

    @Harvey And when you lost you came crawling to big brother wanted help. With your little blanket.
  15. VictusRP

    God Bless The United States Of America

    @Harvey If we did lose. ... t'was just a battle in the grand scheme of thing. @SweetJoe 2 times now thank you very much.