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  2. S1: Powergaming, maybe metagaming. Novy sobor - 15/04/2018

    This situation wasn't that important to me, so I didn't recall this bull honky. We had a firefight,I killed a dude, I heard Redone died by some girl, I went to Novy after the firefight, And secured the perimeter to ensure another firefight didn't pop off over the red one situation. A firefight didn't ensue, things cooled down, and I logged off. I personally didn't talk to anyone about the woman who died as far as I remember.
  3. S1: Powergaming, maybe metagaming. Novy sobor - 15/04/2018

    I have forgotten all details about this situation. I cannot recall anything.
  4. When they take away your memes.

  5. Next time I get taken hostage I'm gonna hit them with the //afk 30 sec

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  6. when he hits you with afk 30sec.

    and you hit him with the 3 minutes 




    If we are going off standard rules he NVFL and rule play


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  8. Dead Anarchy

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  9. I don't know who killed who in Zeleno I would pull the logs for the previous encounter because it starts in Zeleno. Then we got initiated on at Kamenka. Everyone that we initiated on and initiated on us was wearing white armbands along with calling themselves the coalition.
  10. I would like to Point out that the event started in Drozhino and moved along the path Shazaam mentioned meaning they were actively moving along the path of the firefight again attempting to use the rules as armor while running with people actively involved that they met in Zeleno (the point where the firefight started)
  11. VictusRP PoV: The boys and I were attempting to recover the pilots after the Coalition got a massive head start on us by making contact almost immediately. Around Zelenogorsk initations were dropped and we started recieving fire from the coalition from several points, including by those escorting the pilots. I then pursue down to the coast were I come upon the OP on the railroad tracks wearing the coalition's white armband and running with members involved in the firefight thus far, so I shot him. I would now like to counter for ruleplay as the OP knowingly entered into a hostile situation while wearing the armbands associated with the hostile party, yet expected protection from the rules (or the ability to report if shot). While it was an event it is important to note that we were recieving fire from several groups, some of whom were not actual coalition forces all wearing white armbands such as the OP, and it can even be heard in the OP's video that they were involved in the firefight as one mentions having already having been shot at before. I also am requesting the full unedited video of the situation, not just a 1:07 second clip that shows from when he made contact with the pilots up until it ends, as it abruptly cuts off right as he's shot (which is an unlikely moment to suddenly hit stop recording). I believe this was done to mask rulebreaks such as post death metagaming by the OP and his friends