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  1. Viktor Kovar

    I was a quite young child born in Kabanino. I didn’t play with any other children and usually kept to myself. The reason for this was that I was always studying strategy, observing people, and learning their social cues. I always like predicting what people were going to do, and when they were going to do it. Later in my life, this sparked an interest in being able to predict the market and what would rise in fall. This helped my father’s company because I was able to tell him what to buy to fill the needs of others. call me nosy for it but along with this, I listened to people's conversations to see what they were complaining about so I would have even more insight to what to order. This helped the market grow and become the pillar of a community within 3 towns. With this accomplishment, I was happy with myself and helped me fine tune my skill. After this, I started working at the market and was able to witness the success, and Shortly after I started working there I was very happy… I still remember that day she was beautiful, benevolent. I swear to you I was unable to move for a moment. She caught my attention by just the way she moved. No matter how long I trained my skill life didn’t prepare me for this… I couldn’t read her. It still makes me stop in my tracks when I think about that day. I think it’s kinda funny I think that was the first time some of the town folk seen me talk. I was obviously nervous when I talked to her. Well, I must've done something right cause a few years later we got married… till this day I still don’t even know what I did right, but I’m happy nonetheless. We even have a child now we named him Oliver he’s quite the little adventure. He's always zooming off somewhere and sometimes he even runs my energy out, but honestly, I don’t know how I got this lucky, and I’m very grateful to have Anna and Oliver. I love the both of them with every bit of my heart and I’ll do anything to make them happy, and I know we will make it through these troubling times.
  2. The game has limitations to which I had to find a solution to, I found that if I tried to solve the problem on my side quickly that it wouldn't cause any problems, to which of course I was wrong. Besides the vaulting to which was still delayed I had little to no control over my character's actions such as my gun being raised and lowered. I had no intention of retaliation only to simply try and fix my situation to comply with their demands to the best of my ability's. Hereafter I see that your point is valid but if I was never shot I would have continued to be compliant. I had vaulted to try and fix my issue, and return to the circle my issues did not stop after I vaulted, so I tried to press the ESC key continuously which is another way I know how to fix my problem. It ultimately did not succeed so I ended up in this situation.
  3. @Elmo , what your asking me is to prove that my intent was not to fight these people, This is a near impossible feat seeing how it ended with them shooting me and me retaliating with my rifle before I myself died. I can prove that when you see me raise my gun that final time that I had no intention of shooting, as in the gif I provided it shows that when my hands raised in the fire position that the gun transferred to my back, and then I was shot in the head twice and retaliated thinking that there was no escape from death and took out my killers with me. The only other action of mine that proves I wanted to comply is the simple fact that I did comply to the best of my abilities from the first initiation up to myself getting shot in the back of the head twice The lag issues were making my character move on his own or delayed, this is the latency issue I had. Now to answer why I was at the church, in the beginning, was @Darra wanted to go on a walk with @Mr.Panda , and @Ruan we stumbled upon the people at the church, and they invited us into RP with them, so we sat at the fire, and listened to the guitars and music people were playing.
  4. Lopatino's Church Massacre Comic

    Do you speak of me, my good sir?
  5. I pulled out my gun on accident and I tried to put it back on my back immediately and did so but I was shot in the back, so I decided to return fire if I was going to be shot more. I was having a lot of latency issues, and trying to fix them.After seeing the video I understand why I was shot, and don't wish anyone to be punished for my death. https://gyazo.com/6301f32239893ccd4d58f1dd7ad7e6ad As you can see my gun goes on my back which is what I did on my side then I was shot, so I decided to return fire. As you can see on the video other people were having animation issues on their side as well.
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  7. When you kill people with your psychic powers

  8. Morgun's Adventure

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