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  1. Viktor Kovar

  2. Lopatino's Church Massacre Comic

    Do you speak of me, my good sir?
    • PCJames
    • Vartax

    I'd never thought I'd see the day

    1. Vartax


      Happens to the best of us...

  3. New Profile How you guys like it... I think it's fitting.

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    2. Mexi


      This should surely be your music?


    3. Rebel Pado

      Rebel Pado


    4. Vartax


      Changing it now tbh.

    • Rebel Pado
    • Vartax

    The real God King tbh.

  4. When you kill people with your psychic powers

  5. Morgun's Adventure

    No Morgun is innocent! Don't corrupt Morgun.
  6. Just got whitelisted

    Welcome to the community!
  7. Let me get it boneless. 

  8. Flex down the nearest boulevard. 

  9. Did you assume my gender?

  10. Gassed

  11. Safe zone discussion

    You make very little sense being that you want to ban the people that commit hostile roleplay which would be considered selfish on your part just so you can get the rp you want, and not at the risk of being taken hostage.
  12. The forums

    There was a payment Issue.
  13. RealizePC Media Thread

    That was Great Rp!